“Bad Decisions” by Benny Blanco, BTS & Snoop Dogg

“Bad Decisions” is a somewhat simple love song in which the titular metaphor, if you will, represents the vocalist’s romantic intentions with the addressee, the apple of his eye. The lyrics do not entail what “bad decisions” he intends to make, but it would logically be something along the lines of desiring to hastily initiate a physical relationship with the addressee.

That noted, to reiterate there is nothing mischievous about these lyrics. Maybe if Snoop was serving as the sole vocalist, he would let more hang out as he usually does. But in this piece he channels Run DMC – or something like that – in clarifying that the “bad” he’s referring to is “bad meaning bad like bad meaning good”. And as far as getting physical with the addressee, the only act that is actually mentioned is being the recipient of ‘all her kisses’. So again, all artists considered this is a pretty mild-mannered love song for this day and age.

Lyrics to "Bad Decisions"

Headliners of “Bad Decisions”

The co-headliners of this track are:

  • Benny Blanco, a prominent behind-the-scene’ musician from Virginia
  • Snoop Dogg, the legendary Los Angeles-based rapper
  • BTS, the mega-successful boy band from South Korea

The rise of BTS has spearheaded the concurrent globalization of K-pop, in which it is becoming increasingly more common for South Korean artists to collaborate with musicians from the West. As such, Benny has previously collaborated with BTS in a sense. He officially remixed a few of their songs earlier in the year under the project title #MyBTSTracks

Contrary to popular belief, “Bad Decisions” doesn’t marks the first time he has teamed up with Snoop Dogg. The song is however, the Doggfather’s first time working with the Bangtan Boys.

Benny and Snoop worked together on on Katy Perry’s 2010 track “California Gurls”.

When was “Bad Decisions” released?

This track was dropped on 5 August 2022. It came out via Interscope Records and Blanco’s own label, Friends Keep Secrets. 

Along with the release of this track has come the introduction of the exclusive “first-ever Xbox singing controller”. Interesting to note is that this singing Xbox controller is actually named after “Bad Decision”.

This track has been months in the making, and certain teasers were being dropped at least since the beginning of 2022.

As to be expected of a BTS song, upon release this track hit on certain music hosting social-media platforms.


Blanco gets both writing and production credit for this song, as does Cashmere Cat and Blake Slatkin. And those who are credited solely in a writing capacity are Snoop and Mike Posner.

Bad Decisions

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  1. gi joe says:

    1. BTS is the biggest act in the world right now, not sure why you diverged from the alphabetical order and placed them last, especially since they are singing almost the entire time, are carrying the whole song.
    2. This Is NOT the first time Benny B. has worked with Snoop Dogg fyi.

  2. seriously? says:

    Why assume the recipient of kisses is a ‘she’?

  3. Mr Beast's biggest fan says:

    Mr Beast played the keyboard in this but it was only one key once

  4. Anonymous says:

    yes he did

  5. Topsikpopsik says:

    I didnt hear mrbeast note

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