“Still” by Kenny Beats (ft. JPEGMAFIA & Omar Apollo)

Kenny Beats’ “Still” is obviously, at least from a lyrical perspective, akin to a dance song, as the wording is very simplistic and repetitive, with the term “shake (it up)” being utilized more so than any other. 

Some have classified “Still” as a rap song, though in reality there isn’t much rapping going on here. However, such a conclusion was probably made based on the fact that the few full sentences which are present, particularly in the only actual verse, are braggadocious in nature and of a street-rap slant. Moreover, the instrumental would not necessarily suggest that this is a dance track.

But JPEGMafia threatening to snatch your girlfriend or apparently shoot at his opps, as he does in the verse proper, is not, by implication via way of repetition, the main topic at hand. Instead, that would once again be him encouraging the listening audience to “shake”. 


Also, the word “still” is only found twice in the lyrics, most notably via Mafia’s assertion that “we still up in this moth-rf–ker”, which, again, is a braggadocious statement – albeit one which, all things considered, primarily points to the musical efficacy of the artists at hand.

Lyrics to Kenny Beats' "Still"

Kenny Beats

As implied by his stage name, Kenny Beats is a behind-the-scenes’ musician. He is actually a producer, songwriter and music engineer. As of this writing, he’s been in the game for a little over a decade. Furthermore, he has worked with some of the biggest names therein, including:

  • NBA YoungBoy
  • Ski Mask the Slump God
  • Ed Sheeran
  • Gucci Mane 

He’s also dropped collaborative albums with the likes of Rico Nasty (2019’s “Anger Management”) and Denzel Curry (2020’s “Unlocked”).   

However, it is only now, on 31 August 2022 and via the backing of XL Records, that Kenny has dropped his debut solo album, which is titled “Louie”.


The featured vocalist on this track is JPEGMafia. JPEGMafia is actually an individual (whom Kenny Beats has worked with before on, most notably on a 2018 track called “Puff Daddy”). 

Omar Apollo

Omar Apollo, the other co-headliner, produced “Still” with Kenny and has teamed up with him numerous times in the past. 

Who wrote “Still”?

All three headliners of the song are credited as writers. The trio wrote “Still” alongside John Gee.


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