“Hit Me Up” by Omar Apollo, Kenny Beats & Dominic Fike

The colloquial term “hit me up” is another way of saying ‘call me’. And apparently, what’s going on in this song is that the vocalists are admonishing the addressees, that being their romantic interests, to give them a shoutout. Honestly the lyrics are a bit out there, especially in Omar Apollo’s case. But the general implication is that said interests are playing hard to get. This point comes through especially during Dominic Fike’s verse, where he is basically calling out a girl who didn’t want to deal with him on that level in the past. But since then he has blown up, so he ‘bets she would f*** with him now’. 

And conclusively, whereas the addressees may be girls whom Omar and Dominic are interested in, this isn’t a case of them feening or begging for love or anything like that.  Rather it’s more like they want these ladies to ‘hit them up’ so that they can ascertain the potential of going there with them.

Facts about “Hit Me Up”

This track marks the first time in which the vocalists, Dominic and Omar, have teamed up. However, this isn’t Dominic and Kenny’s first collabo. The pair had previously collaborated (musically) in the past. For example, in July of 2019, Kenny worked with Dominic on the song “Phone Numbers“.

Although Kenny Beats is acknowledged as a headline artist on the song, he doesn’t actually contribute any vocals to it.

On the 5th day of November, 2019, this song was formally made commercially available for digital download and global streaming.

Despite its popularity, this song didn’t make it into Billboard’s prestigious “Top 100 Hits”.

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