“Family Tree” by Kenny Beats (ft. Slowthai)

Kenny Beats’ “Family Tree” is a song in which the F-word is cast about quite liberally, with Slowthai initially coming off as if he may be cursing the family members of the audience or more specifically his opps. But later on, it is revealed that said opp is actually his current life partner, as their relationship is a troubled one. 

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The implication is that at the heart of their discontent is the vocalist struggling financially, and his sweetheart being the type of lady who isn’t sympathetic to such .

Owing to this, Slowthai is doing two things here. First he is raining curses on the homegirl’s ‘mother, brother, sister and dad’. These people would logically be whom the titular “family tree” is referring to).

Second, he is telling her that if she continues to act up and drive him away, then when he does leave, he’s not returning. 

This, apparently, is the thesis sentiment of this piece, that once he ‘goes home, there ain’t no turning back’. So it seems as if the vocalist is giving the addressee an ultimatum, that she better act right or lose him permanently.

Kenny Beats' "Family Tree" Lyrics

Kenny Beats and Slowthai

Kenny Beats, a musician from Connecticut, is actually a regular collaborator of Slowthai, a rapper from England.

“Family Tree” appears to be the sixth time they’ve officially collaborated (with the first being a 2019 track titled The Cave: Season 2 – Episode 3). 

Release of “Family Tree”

This song, which hit the store shelves on 31 August 2022, is part of “Louie”. “Louie” is the tenured Kenny Beats’ first album as a sole headliner. The whole project is a product of XL Records.


This song was written by a number of songwriters:

  • Kenny Beats
  • Slowthai
  • Mac DeMarco

The last name on the list also co-produced “Family Tree” with Kenny.

Family Tree

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