“Still With You” by Jungkook (BTS)

The year 2020 was rough for BTS, as it was for a lot of people. You wouldn’t know this based on their worldly accomplishments, such as becoming the first South Korean act ever to top the Billboard Hot 100 via their mega hit Dynamite (and then topping it again with their following single, Life Goes On). 

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But BTS also boasts of what appears to be the most-loyal musical fanbase in the world, which as you perhaps already know is referred to as the ARMY. And with 2020 being the year of coronavirus lockdowns they were separated from said fans, who they derive a lot of inspiration from and who also often serve as the addressees of their songs. 


And according to Jungkook, it is upon such a premise that “Still With You” is set. He is speaking primarily to ARMY, not only on his own behalf but also that of the entire BTS crew. And again, this is something that they tend to do quite regularly.

So with that in mind we know that even though the lyrics read at points as if Jung is addressing a romantic interest, such is not necessarily the case. Or maybe, if we want to go there, we can say that he is singing to an ARMY member who is also a lover. But more to the point is him missing said individual(s). 

He finds himself in “a pitch dark room”, a symbol of solitude, which as we know is the result of the aforementioned lockdowns. Indeed the vocalist has been in such an unfavorable state for so long that he’s starting to “get used to it”.

But at the same time there’s definitely something bothering him on the inside. And that is because he misses the addressee. And this feeling of discontent is buttressed by the fact that despite longing to be with this person(s), he plainly and simply cannot. In that regard, the vocalist kinda comes off as if he and/or the addressee are in prison. But what he is very much looking forward to is when the two of them actually reunite.

“Still With You”

And this tale of mutual longing is further edified in the second verse, where Kook is saying that in the meantime he idealizes staying at the forefront of the addressee’s mind. Also it is during the intro and outro in which the titular phrase is uttered. And what it appears he is relatedly saying is that even though, given the circumstances, neither he or the addressee are truly happy, “still” he remains “with” this person. 

And of course, based on what has been put forth earlier, he does not mean this in a physical sense. Rather what the vocalist is asserting is that the addressee remains a priority in his mind, even if they cannot be together for the time being.

Jungkook discusses "Still With You"

So what this all boils down to is the idea of BTS being adversely affected due to being separated from ARMY, and vice versa. This is actually a concept that they have dealt with in other songs during 2020.   Meanwhile there didn’t seem to have been any other artists out there releasing songs lamenting the fact that they could not be with their fans per se. 

So after researching Jungkook and the rest of the Bangtan Boys for a couple of years now, we know that the relationship between themselves and ARMY is real. No, they do not know their millions of fans personally. But they are wise enough to recognize that their massive success is by and large attributable to these people and that their music holds a special place in ARMY’s hearts.

Lyrics for "Still With You"


Jungkook is a singer/songwriter who made a name for himself as a member of BTS, i.e. the most-popular boy band in the world as of the late-2010s/early-2020s. He’s been down with the group since they first formed in 2012, having been in his early teens at the time. 

And at the release of “Still With You”, which transpired on the date of 4 June 2020, he was 22 years old. Moreover to note, Jungkook is actually the youngest of the seven members of BTS.

Jungkook has released solo tracks here and there, usually to be included on an overall BTS project. His most notable solo effort of the 2010s was a track entitled “Euphoria”. That track was part of a compilation album BTS put out in 2018 called “Love Yourself: Answer”. It was a notable international hit, appearing on a couple of charts respectively in both the US and UK. For instance, it peaked at number 5 on Billboard’s Bubbling Under Hot 100 ranking. This achievement is pretty impressive considering that the song is in Korean. And accordingly it proved especially popular in eastern Asia, such as in japan where it has been streamed over 30,000,000 times.

Jungkook dropped another solo track in 2020 entitled “My Time”, being a part of BTS’s Map of the “Soul: 7” project. And that particular tune topped Billboard’s World Digital Songs chart.

Still With You

More Info about “Still With You”

The singer (Jungkook) wrote “Still With You” himself. And in terms of producing the track, he worked alongside another South Korean musician, Pdogg, who is like the unofficial eighth member of BTS.

This track was released in 2020 as part of an annual BTS event known as Festa, held during early June, in which the band and their fandom celebrate BTS’s debut.

As of November 2020, i.e. a few months after this song was released, Time magazine reported that the aforementioned ARMY consisted of some 40,000,000 individuals.

This track was put out by Big Hit Entertainment, which is also the label behind BTS in general.

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