“Dreamers” by Jung Kook & BTS

This is a pretty-straightforward song in that its intent is to serve as a shoutout to the type of people whom Jungkook refers to as “dreamers”. As put forth, these are the likes of those who are not afraid to pursue their passions and dedicate the requisite energy to remain persistently doing so. 

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Of course this is the kind of message that Jungkook, as a member of BTS, is largely known for propagating, i.e. themes of encouragement. And since this track is officially associated with the 2022 World Cup, it can be further speculated that he is referring to the athletes involved as those who have lived up to such a standard, i.e. pursuing a lofty goal and sticking to it until it was achieved.

Speaking of common BTS themes, the verse of this song is also of such a nature that it propagates this idea of togetherness, or the vocalist and addressee being united in some unspecified way though along the lines of sharing a common goal/ambition. 

Within context, this would probably allude to the gathering of soccer fans which is the World Cup.

Some Numerology

The above said, it is interesting to note that Jungkook engages in a bit of numerology along the way. In the process, he states that “this one plus two”, which would equal three. But again, it is not specified what said “one” and “two” actually refer to. However, given the flow of the verse, the presumption would be the former is a reference to the vocalist and the latter, the addressee(s).

The Arabic Lyrics of “Dreamers”

Then as far as the refrain, which is rendered in Arabic, what is reportedly being uttered, most simply put, is a Middle Eastern equivalent of a sea shanty. It is also said that those lyrics, which in English read “ala ho la dan”, don’t have any particular meaning but are rather apparently used for rhythmic purposes. 

And the same would go for the Arabic adlibbing found in the song’s only official verse, which reportedly translates to “hey, hey, hey”.

Lyrics for "Dreamers"

Facts about “Dreamers”

Even though this track is credited (in some circles) to Jung Kook as well as BTS, the group he is a part of, Jung Kook is the only member of the Bangtan Boys to actually lay down vocals on “Dreamers”. 

The backup vocalist is Fahad Al Kubaisi, a pop singer who is actually from Qatar. But to note, the arrival of this song was announced through BTS’s Twitter account.

Also as is the norm with BTS singles, this song immediately proceeded to blow up on social media. That is to say that within a single day, it proceeded to top iTunes’ charts in an impressive 102 different countries. And to help put that achievement into perspective, as of this writing, there are only a total of 195 countries in the entire world.

This song is derived from the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Official Soundtrack. In fact Jungkook debuted it live during the opening ceremonies of the 2022 World Cup, which were conducted at Al Bayt Stadium, a venue found in the Qatari city of Al Khor. That ceremony took place on the same day as the release date of this track, which was on 20 November 2022.

“Dreamers” was written by Jungkook and the track’s producer, RedOne, alongside Mustapha El Ouardi and Pat Devine.


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  1. Fontana says:

    I’m so proud of the accomplishments of Jung Kook. Achieving such an amazing feat at such a young age is beyond incredible. This song filled my eyes with tears of joy and my skin with goosebumps. Without a doubt, this is a masterpiece. Thank you so much Jung Kook and all who participated in the creation of this beautiful masterpiece called “Dreamers”.

  2. Jane Yano says:


  3. Believe says:

    I love this song jungkook really makes you feel that you are able to achieve your goals throughout this song and not to give up on what you want to be in life that anything is possible of you just believe in yourself

  4. Abiedove says:

    Im Proud of you!!!!
    Love Love Love Love Love
    Every Human Race Together as One. This is what I Imagine “RESPECT”

  5. Jungkook Admirer says:

    Jungkook. soooo proud OF U. this song is amazing. so is ur voice and dance. LUV U JK

  6. LailaneA says:

    Jungkook you done amazing performance! The words of lyrics are beautifully written. We are so proud of you Son! May God protection & blessings be with you always!

  7. Bangladeshi says:

    Love for you Junk Kook, Love this Song and your smile. From: Bangladesh

  8. fouzia a. adores BTS says:

    Always the best from Jungkook, he treasures Army and the world! what a beautiful heart💜

  9. forever an admirer says:

    Jungkook, he treasures Army and the world and will do the best for them. his lyrics and songs come from the heart!

  10. Robyn says:

    Thank you Jung kook! Dreamers is the perfect song to reunite the world. Been saying since I first became army 5 yrs ago BTS will help save the World…..❤️💜💙👏👏👏

  11. l says:

    i love neymar

  12. Congrats says:

    Congratulations Jungkook. Great voice!
    Loved the lyrics. You are a credit to your country.

  13. Sarah says:

    Both Kookie and Fahad did amazing. Best song for Qatar FIFA 2022, Representing Qatar culture and dreams that came true. We promised and we delivered 💗🇶🇦

  14. velita stojanoska says:

    Bravoo!!! Hello from Macedonia!

  15. Lisa says:

    I really like this song and this is my favourit ~luv ¤u ¤jk

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