“Supersymmetry” by Arcade Fire

Arcade Fire’s “Supersymmetry” is popularly understood as featuring a vocalist who is missing a loved one who is no longer around. And such is in fact the main sentiment being expressed. However, as noted in the trivia/facts section, “Supersymmetry” was written for a particular movie. And said movie is basically about a man who falls in love with a computer. And with that foreknowledge in mind, throughout the first half of the song, that seems to be the narrative which the lyrics are based on. 

You can view the lyrics, alternate interprations and sheet music for Arcade Fire's Supersymmetry at Lyrics.org.

Moreover the title itself is a bit mathematical and in a roundabout way can also point to the idea of computing, if you stretch the imagination a bit. But as aforementioned, what can be definitively ascertained no matter what is that the singer misses the one whom he loves.

Facts about “Supersymmetry”

The writing of this song is credited to the entirety of Arcade Fire. And they also produced the tune alongside James Murphy.

This song came out, via Merge Records, on the date of 28 October 2013. The band released it as part of their “Reflektor” album.

This track was originally intended to be part of the soundtrack to “Her”, a 2013 film starring Joaquin Phoenix. And in fact Arcade Fire did go on to provide most of the music for that movie.

The word “Supersymmetry” has something to do with physics. In the upper section of this post, we related it to mathematics and by extension computing. But we guess another way it can be viewed within the overall context of the song is having something to do with relationships. But ultimately given the song’s background, both of those explanations are basically one in the same.

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