T N Biscuits – Decoding the Distinctive Narrative of Britain’s Unconventional Poet

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  1. Music Video
  2. Lyrics
  3. Song Meaning
  4. An Anthem for the Disenfranchised
  5. Behind the Humor: The Song’s Hidden Meaning
  6. Character Study Through Lyrics
  7. Deciphering the Street Slang Symphony
  8. Memorable Lines That Define a Generation


Drug dealer
I wear Nike, not Fila
Lean like Tower Pisa, I smile like Mona Lisa
I’ve had enough of 36 shots, 72 had to double up
Mainstream tunes, couldn’t make one
That was mathematics for the class clown dunce
ABC’s I wanted Q’s
Get a B, make 2
Crime Watch, mandem face on news
Directs spamming, pay me dues
Greed for money, gas like juice
Take it lightly, it’s just food
Certain man haffi kill off the mood
Come like Christmas, why be Scrooge?

On a serious note, I joke
I ain’t a serious bloke, I smoke
Jump on a beat like a frog off a boat
Take a leap, just float
Take a leaf out my book, I know
Tried to believe them, lost all hope
I just wanna chill, go home
Jump on my push bike and I zone
Ring, ring, ring, answer my phone
Getting sick of my own ringtone
Pedal on shit so long
People need to go, grow a back bone
I’m bad to the bone, yeah biddididi
And I mash up the flow, getting silly widdit
Yeah, timid even know I put my spirit in it
Real in the zone like

It’s T
None of me sounds like them, chief
I put the T in 10, deep
More melodies than doe
Dun’ know what you dun’ know, it’s T
I put the T in trend, me
About to run something, scene
About to don this ting, ‘ow ya mean?
Come through the fog I’m king on a road
Digging for gold
Run from the boy them hood on the low
Switch off my phone, ain’t going home
Locked in a box, stuck in a zone
Zone out again, sit and reflect
Dodging the pen like a dog in a yard
So I ain’t going yard, walk in the dark
Walk in the park I ain’t playing no Giggs

Bunning a blem, chill doing trips
10 outta 10, tell them again
Blind to the sky, live on a high
Feed the supply to all the mandem
Slowthai lagging, body bagging a witch
Steady slanging that talisman shit, ay
I’m a G, yes
Draw for the knife and the CS
Bally on tight, F the BS, PS
Come around here, leave teeth-less
Jesus couldn’t save this yout’
Don’t pray to him he ain’t saving you
Hate me, you must hate the truth
Box your chin and make you change your tune
If it’s gonna get physical
Slyly I’m gonna bring in a tool
Try me you could get slumped in two
One bang, two bang, smoking a zoot
If it’s gonna get physical
Slyly I’m gonna bring in a tool
Try me you could get slumped in two
One bang, two bang, smoking a zoot

And the farmers are coming
Pitchforks sharp and they runnin’, runnin’

Full Lyrics

In a world where the music scene is perpetually flooded with neatly packaged artists and radio-ready hits, slowthai emerges as a blistering exception. His song ‘T N Biscuits’ is an unfiltered manifestation of raw energy and street wisdom, set against the backdrop of a society grappling with authenticity. Through his provoking lyrics, slowthai encapsulates the relentless reality of Britain’s underbelly, wrapped in beats that would resonate with listeners across the divides of class and culture.

Like an alchemist, slowthai transmutes the seemingly mundane aspects of his personal experiences into potent reflections on life, society, and longing. ‘T N Biscuits’ isn’t just another track; it’s a vessel of visceral storytelling that redefines the auditory landscape. Examining the vibrant tapestry of his words, one finds layers of meaning and a call to alertness in the face of a system that often leaves the marginalized unheard.

An Anthem for the Disenfranchised

Through sharp metaphors and clever wordplay, slowthai doesn’t just speak to the young and restless; he speaks for them. As he juxtaposes cultural touchstones like Nike footwear against historical and art references such as the Leaning Tower of Pisa and the Mona Lisa, he crafts an identity that is both relatable and profound. This song becomes an anthem for those who feel overlooked by the mainstream, giving voice to the thoughts and struggles bubbling under the surface.

The gritty narrative woven into the fabric of ‘T N Biscuits’ calls out the irony of a society that glorifies success yet turns a blind eye to the harsh realities that breed it. slowthai’s delivery is both a challenge and a reassurance to listeners in similar walks of life, making the music a shared space for communal catharsis and hope.

Behind the Humor: The Song’s Hidden Meaning

‘On a serious note, I joke, I ain’t a serious bloke,’ slowthai muses, hinting at the duality of his persona. By contrasting his laid-back demeanor with his sharp observations, he reveals the defense mechanisms many adopt in the face of adversity. Such lines unpack slowthai’s ability to oscillate between the humorous and the harrowing, hinting at the deeper pain hidden beneath the surface.

The track operates on a multifaceted level; it is an invitation to look beyond the bravado of the streets. The hidden meaning lies in acknowledging the dichotomy of a society that necessitates a survival instinct while crooning for the simpler pleasures of life – ‘I just wanna chill, go home.’ It’s a narrative of defiance and resilience, laced with existential yearnings.

Character Study Through Lyrics

slowthai paints a vivid portrait of a character steeped in contradiction – a thinker trapped in the trappings of crime life, ‘Dodging the pen like a dog in a yard.’ Every line is a brushstroke in this living painting; a person defined by their environment yet striving to transcend it, wrestling with the hypocrisy of a system that views them as a statistic.

The song’s protagonist reveals their humanity amid the chaos, hinting at a wisdom that comes from street life and an understanding that there are no easy exits. slowthai subverts expectations by refusing to glorify the actions, instead channeling the complexity of navigating a world fraught with moral quandaries.

Deciphering the Street Slang Symphony

slowthai’s artistry shines as he orchestrates a symphony of street slang that resonates with clarity. Phrases such as ‘Bunning a blem, chill doing trips’ or ‘Steady slanging that talisman shit’ are coded language to those in the know, creating a deep sense of community and belonging within the song, even as it keeps others at arm’s length.

The inventive language serves a dual purpose; it breeds a unique identity for the listeners who inhabit similar worlds, while also piquing the curiosity of the uninitiated. This linguistic badge of honor is a celebration of ingenuity and an act of defiance, as slowthai guards the sanctity of his experiences with a lexicon that is both signature and shield.

Memorable Lines That Define a Generation

‘It’s T, none of me sounds like them, chief. I put the T in 10, deep,’ slowthai proclaims, setting himself apart from the cacophony of voices clamoring for attention. In an age where individuality is often buried under the weight of conformity, he emerges as a defiant voice that refuses to be homogenized.

Each line is a self-affirmation, a declaration that slowthai is not just another cog in the musical machine. He wears his uniqueness like a badge, inspiring a generation to embrace their peculiarities, their roots, and their stories. slowthai’s memorable lines echo in the collective consciousness, paving the way for new conversations about identity and purpose in the modern world.

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