“My High” by Disclosure, Aminé, & Slowthai

The full title of this song reads “please don’t f— up my high”. And according to the pre-chorus, whom that phrase is being levied towards is a couple who is likewise in the club. The female is giving the vocalist the eye, even though she’s simultaneously ‘got her boyfriend super tight’. Such a scenario does of course have the potential to turn into a sticky situation, which is presumably why the vocalist is responding so.

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Now the vocalists in this case are rappers. So with the above premise in mind, you probably already have an idea of what direction this all is going in.

Suggesting that a girl is dancing with her boyfriend but at the same time looking at you is another way of saying that you are the man, i.e. the center of attention. So in his verse, Aminé does engage in some heavy boasting, with a special emphasis on sex. So perhaps the implication in that regard is that he did indeed go about hooking up with said lady.

And said notion is confirmed by Slowthai’s verse, which is even more specific to the chorus. That is to say that he directly alludes to taking the aforementioned girl home. And as for her boyfriend, he doesn’t want him to do anything to ‘f— up his high’. Instead, he too should rather, as with the vocalist, go about ‘having a spliff’. So it’s as if this song is both braggadocious and pro-weed.

"My High' Lyrics

When was “My High” released?

On the 3rd of July, 2020, this song was officially launched as the 4th single from the Disclosure’s “Energy” album.


Howard and Guy Lawrence of Disclosure composed “My High” with Aminé and Slowthai. The production of “My High” was also taken care of by its co-writers, Disclosure.

In an interview, Disclosure referred to their writing collaboration with American rapper Aminé as nothing short of “fun”. They also praised the rapper’s ability to write lyrics very “quickly”.

Grammy Nomination

“My High” was nominated in the “Best Dance Recording” category at the 2021 Grammy Awards. The song “10%” performed by Kaytranada ended up emerging victorious in the said category. The songs listed below also contested for the award in question.

Did “My High” chart?

Yes, it did. It charted in countries ranging from the United States to New Zealand to the UK. Of all these countries, it performed best in New Zealand (where it was a top-20 hit).

My High

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