“Main Thing” by Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande’s “Main Thing” is a bedroom fun song, mixed with some long-term/serious relationship rhetoric. The setting would apparently be the singer’s home or some venue where the two of them are able to hookup for an intimate night together. 

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And the vocalist is in a real frisky mode one can say, prepared to entertain her lover, the addressee, in any amorous way he can perceive. Indeed going a tad bit out on a limb here, Ari even implies that she is so romantically energized that she’s down to perform some inspired oral-based congress this Friday evening.


The second verse then proceeds to detail her idealized interaction with the addressee. It would involve a slow-paced romantic interlude, where the two of them basically pretend that it’s cold in the room, even though it’s not. In other words, the vocalist is tasking her lover with ‘keeping her warm’. 


Then she drops a certain statement, saying that she desires to spend time with the addressee “even when the learning’s done and nothing’s new”. And said terminology can be taken two ways. Ariana could be putting forth that what’s going down between them isn’t anything unusual (as implied by the pre-chorus), yet doing it with him, so to speak, is still amongst her favorite activities. 

Or, as more or less the extension of that same sentiment, she is asserting that she is down to spend the rest of her life with him. In fact it is such an idea upon which this song is apparently based on.

Or stated otherwise, unlike the verses, the choruses themselves are not sexual in nature. Yes, in the pre-chorus the singer does reveal that her boo “always pull(s) up” ASAP when she requests him. And that is why she loves him so much and why she is down to please him as aforementioned. And apparently, it is also such a tendency of his which leads to her proclaim that he is “really different” from the rest.  In fact he is so impressively unique that she feels he “might be the main thing”. 

And the way that statement reads is as if the term “main thing” is synonymous with ‘future husband’ or someone whom the singer is willing to spend the rest of her life with. 

So basically, the pre-chorus focuses on why the singer loves the addressee so much, and the chorus is indicative of her resultant level of commitment.


And now comes the part of the post where we try to figure out who in Ariana Grande’s romantic history she may be referring to, if these lyrics are to be taken as true-to-life. And thankfully this time around, doing so is a no-brainer. For as of the release of this track, the songstress is in fact engaged to be married, to one Dalton Gomez. 

And it must be true love because relatively speaking he’s just a normal dude, not someone she has decided to marry for fame.  So if such is the case, that the addressee of “Main Thing” is Dalton, then from a logical standpoint, these lyrics reflect a point in their relationship prior to the two of them becoming engaged in late-December 2020. That is to say that it would point to a moment in time when she began to realize that he in fact may be the one.

Lyrics of "Main Thing"

Facts about “Main Thing”

This track is from the Deluxe Edition of Ariana Grande’s “Positions” (2020), an extension of said album that came out on 19 February 2021. Alongside “Main Thing”, the other new tracks were released. They include the following:

  • “Test Drive”
  • Worst Behavior
  • 34+35 Remix” (ft. rappers Megan Thee Stallion and Doja Cat)

Ariana Grande revealed the forthcoming of this song on 11 February 2021. And about a week later, on 17 February, she shared a snippet of the tune via Twitter.

As to be expected – considering for instance “Positions” topped the Billboard 200 – “Main Thing” was well-received upon release. That is to say that it reached number four on iTunes’ US sales chart within 24 hours of coming out.

The writing/production team behind this song consists of the following songwriters:

  • Mr. Franks
  • TBHits
  • Travis Sayles
  • Xavi
  • YNG Josh
  • Yonatan Watts 

And Ariana Grande is also credited as a co-writer.

Just for the record, the aforementioned Dalton Gomez is a high-end real estate agent who is known amongst celebrities. He and Ariana began dating circa January 2020. And within a year, they became engaged. At the time they are both 27 years-old.  And apparently upon getting engaged, they have not set a definitive marriage date.

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