“Treat Myself” by Victoria Justice

“Treat Myself” is actually an exercise in soliloquy. Indeed as Victoria Justice has explained the tune, who she is conversing with is ‘the voice in her head’. And as portrayed in the song, entertaining certain types of persistent, inner thoughts or ideas can negatively affect a person’s self-esteem. So what the singer is doing, in recognition of such, is taking a stance. Or the way she puts it, she ‘needs to treat herself better’.  And the overall implication is that her solution is to make a conscientious effort to love herself more.

Being released on 11th of December 2020, this is officially the first track Victoria Justice has dropped as the lead artist since 2013. And she wrote the song herself alongside Shane Eli Abraham, Tayler Buono and Jonny Pakfar. Meanwhile the track was produced by an artist simply identified as Campfire.

The reason why Victoria has not been overly-vested in her music career is because she’s primarily an actress by profession. And her signature role has been portraying the character Tori Vega on the popular Nickelodeon series Victorious from 2010 to 2013. That job cast her alongside Ariana Grande, who played the role of Cat Valentine. And the ever-trending Grande did publicly congratulate Justice on the release of “Treat Myself”.

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