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Know Yourself

Meaning of “Know Yourself” by Drake

As explained by Drake, “Know Yourself” was inspired by 2010’s “Black and Yellow”, i.e. Wiz Khalifa’s signature song. The latter most notably serves as a shoutout to Pittsburgh, which is Wiz’s hometown.  Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is a popular...

Circo Loco

“Circo Loco” by Drake & 21 Savage

As of this writing, a couple of prominent rappers are locked up in part due to the nature of the lyrics they spit. But it does not appear that reality will deter their peers from dropping criminally-minded...


“Heated” by Beyoncé

On “Heated”, Beyoncé is largely addressing a romantic interest(s). Whether or not it’s Jay-Z is a matter of perspective, but all lyrics considered it reads as if this piece is intended to have a more...