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“WingRiddenAngel” by XXXTentacion 

It has been put forth that on this piece (“WingRiddenAngel”), the vocalist is taking on the role of a man whose significant other has committed suicide. The lyrics may be interpreted so. However, in reality...


XXXTentacion’s “HEARTEATER” Lyrics Meaning

Like many of XXXTentacion’s song, especially those released posthumously, “Hearteater” is quite terse lyrically. It has logically been concluded to be based on the rapper’s well-publicized, tumultuous relationship with a young lady by the name...

Late American rapper/singer XXXTentacion

Meaning of “Changes” by XXXTentacion

“Changes” is a song recorded and performed by the late American singer/rapper XXXTentacion. The song’s lyrics see the heartbroken rapper/singer talking about his romantic relationship with his significant other which is rapidly going bad....