“WingRiddenAngel” by XXXTentacion 

It has been put forth that on this piece (“WingRiddenAngel”), the vocalist is taking on the role of a man whose significant other has committed suicide. The lyrics may be interpreted so. However, in reality such a storyline is never actually specified.

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What is clear though, amidst all of the poetic and metaphorical language, is that this is a troubled relationship he has with the addressee. Therein we find allusions to drug abuse, kidney disease and what appears to be self-harm. Also, suicide is referenced in the first verse, albeit in the sense of the vocalist expressing a desire to take his own life.

What all of this revolves around is a chorus in which XXXTentacion is telling the addressee to “grow your winds” and “fly away”, like an angel, so to speak. And again, for whatever reason many have interpreted this as alluding to said individual actually passing away. But there is another way that instruction can be understood. It can be understood as the vocalist acknowledging that there relationship is indeed messed up and therefore is expressing an understanding (or encouragement even) for his girl to move on with her life. Simply put, she should “fly away”.

XXXTentacion talks about “WingRiddenAngel”

That said, according to a tweet X posted on the day “WingRiddenAngel” came out, he wrote the song ‘for the love of his life’. At that time he was dating Geneva Ayala. Geneva is the same lady who would infamously go on to accuse him of domestic abuse. By the looks of things, some of these lyrics, including X’s desire to kill himself, was based on their real-life relationship.

XXXTentacion talks about the meaning of "WingRiddenAngel"

Other parts, such as the mention of the addressee’s “kidney failures”, are said to have rather been inspired by another romance Onfroy was in prior to Geneva, with one Cinthia Perez. The two of them were together before X blew up. Owing to this, there is not as much information available on their relationship.

In Conclusion

At the end of the day, it would appear that X was someone who was unlucky in love. That is to say that both he and his romantic interests came up in a generation which is in fact troubled. So it can be deemed that their relationships reflect that reality, as it isn’t normal for instance for a teenager to be associating romance with suicide.

Lyrics for XXXTENTACION's "WingRiddenAngel"

XXXTentacion and “WingRiddenAngel”

X was a hip-hop artist who was murdered in mid-2018 at the age of 20. Even though he had already achieved notable success via his music by that point, his career was still very much on the rise. And as such stories tend to go, since then, the late Jahseh Onfroy has really been thrust into legendary status.

So for instance there has thus far been two posthumous XXXTentacion studio albums. The first was 2018’s “Skins”. The second was 2019’s “Bad Vibes Forever”. Both albums have done pretty well for themselves. 

To note, “WingRiddenAngel” is a track that originally came out on 23 October 2015. This was during Onfroy’s SoundCloud era. It was later included on “Look at Me: The Album”. This is the first compilation LP released in his name. It came out in June of 2022, approximately a week before the fourth anniversary of X’s passing. That particular project was put out by Columbia Records and Bad Vibes Forever. The latter label is a company X himself founded sometime during the mid-2010s.

XXXTentacion was known to have a couple of “WingRiddenAngel” tattoos on his body.

X wrote and produced this track with a regular collaborator known as Kellbender. And the other credited co-writer is one Nicole Dollanganger. The reason Nicole is credited is because her 2015 song “Poacher’s Pride” is sampled into “WingRiddenAngel”.


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