XXXTentacion’s “HEARTEATER” Lyrics Meaning

Like many of XXXTentacion’s song, especially those released posthumously, “Hearteater” is quite terse lyrically. It has logically been concluded to be based on the rapper’s well-publicized, tumultuous relationship with a young lady by the name of Geneva Ayala. And interestingly enough, Geneva appears on the cover art and music video. And basically, the term “hearteater” is synonymous with heartbreaker. That is this particular lady broke X’s heart. And the way she is portrayed in this song is as being “filled with poison”, i.e. a toxic partner.

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So conclusively, one can say that the vocalist on this track comes off like the victim of an abusive lover. And more specifically, she is not mistreating him physically but rather emotionally. And her actions succeeded in causing him much pain. However, despite this he is “still breathing”, much to her ‘surprise’. That’s another way of saying that despite the addressee’s attempts to destroy him (from an emotional standpoint) he has persevered and moved on, though the psychological scars from their union obviously still exist.


Geneva Ayala

Whereas Geneva Ayala is not XXXTentacion’s baby mother, she is perhaps the most famous of his known romantic partners since she publicly accused him of domestic violence back in 2016. And these accusations caused the rapper, who regularly interacted with law enforcement, to be re-incarcerated in October of that late year. He was later released on bail during March of 2017.

In December of 2017, he pleaded not guilty to these charges and was released under house arrest. And shortly after his house arrest ended during March of 2018, he was murdered on 18 June 2018.

X’s subsequent ascension into a hip-hop martyr, as well as the generally misogynistic nature of rap music, has caused many fans to hold ill will towards Geneva. However, the late rapper’s estate apparently doesn’t have any beef with her. And why? Simply because she is featured (quite graphically, as in eating her own heart) on the cover art and music video to “Hearteater”.

In fact as documented in the music video, X himself intended to ‘include his ex’ (i.e. Geneva) in the video while he was alive.

Release Date of “HEARTEATER”

Indeed true fans of XXXTentacion have been listening to “Hearteater” well before its official release, as the track was leaked in 2018.

And the song officially came out, via Empire Records, on 22 October 2019. The label released it as the second single from X’s second posthumous album, “Bad Vibes Forever”. “Royalty” was the first single from that album to be released.

Writing and Production

“Hearteater” was produced by John Cunningham and Robert Soukiasyan. Both men also co-wrote the song along with X.

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  1. moon says:

    RIP we all miss you 🖤 hope you are okay ^^

  2. Anonymous says:

    R.I.P to xxxtentacion never met you but i think you and me connect on a mental level, and so i love you legends never die

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