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I Feel Funny

“I Feel Funny” by Justin Bieber

This is a song which, as put forth in the title, features the Biebs taking a comedic approach. Owing to this, “I Feel Funny” is a tune which listeners are not taking as seriously as some of...

Sun and Moon

“Sun and Moon” by Anees

Anees’ “Sun and Moon” is a love song, a highly-poetic one with for example the vocalist asserting that the addressee, his romantic interest, is his “sun and moon” and “everything between”. Or more plainly...

Number 1 Songs in the United States

Number 1 Songs of 2021

Most of the world would agree that 2021 was a troubling year of historical proportions. But luckily, even if the music industry itself was adversely affected, many of the musicians we know and love did...