“Justin Bieber” by Smoke Boys (ft. Dizzee Rascal)

The title of this song is derived from a line in the chorus where the vocalist, seemingly referring to himself or one of his brethren whom the police thinks is a drug dealer, is “(getting) nicked with Justin Bieber”. That then begs the questions of what the word “nicked” means in British slang.

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A quick research reveals that in the ‘hoods of the UK, “nicked” is generally understood as a synonym for being arrested. In the context of the lyrics, it would be more reasonable to postulate that what the Smoke Boys are alluding to is a concept like smoking ganja with the Biebs and getting arrested by law enforcement.

Then as far as the actual verses go, as with the chorus pretty much they consist of your standard rap braggadocio. As implied earlier, the homeys from across the pond utilize different colloquialisms than what most of us may be used to, considering that the more popular rappers tend to come from the United States. But reading in between the lines, they’re basically expressing the same notions as American rappers, i.e. an affinity for weed, girls being on their jocks and possessing a tendency to roll with thugs.

“The Feds thinks bro’s a dealer
Got nicked with Justin Bieber”

When was “Justin Bieber” released?

“Justin Bieber” is a song by British hip hop group Smoke Boys. The collective, who formed in Croydon London in the early 2010s, recorded and performed this track alongside British rap legend Dizzee Rascal.

The song officially hit the airways on September 25 of 2020. It appeared on the collective’s 2020 project entitled “All the Smoke”. The said project is the group’s sixth mixtape.


“Justin Bieber” was composed by the members of Smoke Boys together with Rascal. The song’s production was entirely handled by MKThePlug.

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  1. J says:

    Nicked means arrested. Nice googling.

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