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Party O’Clock

“Party O’Clock” by NMIXX

Nmixx is one of the more successful K-pop acts to have thus far premiered during the 2020s. On 11 June 2023, JYP Entertainment, Republic Records and Dreamus released the girls’ third EP, “A Midsummer Nmixx’s Dream”....

Young, Dumb, Stupid

“Young, Dumb, Stupid” by NMIXX

Nmixx is a South Korea girl group that JYP Entertainment just introduced to the world in 2022.  K-pop acts usually start off pretty young, and accordingly the members of this outfit, as of the...

Funky Glitter Christmas

“Funky Glitter Christmas” by NMIXX

“Funky Glitter Christmas” is a bilingual Christmas song which, self-admittedly, is a “funky” one. That’s not to say that its sound is reminiscent of what Americans would traditionally define as funk music. But more generally, such...