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Fallin 4 U

“Fallin 4 U” by Chlöe

“Fallin 4 U” is more of a sample extracted from a 10-minute conversation between her godmother (aka her manager) and driver that Chlöe taped secretly. With that said, the part we hear circles around what the lady...

trademark usa

“Trademark USA” by Baby Keem

This is a multi-subjected song that serves as the lead-off track on The Melodic Blue. The intro for instance features the vocalist beefing with who appears to be a loved one and Keem noting how his...

Lost Souls

“Lost Souls” by Baby Keem

The titular “lost souls” whom Baby Keem is referring to are the types of women who are commonly referred to in the hip-hop community as hos. Or as depicted herein, it can be said to...