“Lost Souls” by Baby Keem

The titular “lost souls” whom Baby Keem is referring to are the types of women who are commonly referred to in the hip-hop community as hos. Or as depicted herein, it can be said to be those who sleep around in the name of furthering their careers or the likes of groupies.

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Now Keem himself is young and hot-blooded and ready to get it on. He’s also, as we can attest to, a known player in the game. But that said, he’s not interested in those types of women, i.e. the ones who have already slept with other musicians or what have you. Instead he wants someone more down-to-earth, so to speak.

So with all of that in mind, perhaps it can be said that the second half of the song serves the purpose of the vocalist advertising himself to potential mates. He seems to acknowledge that, being a newjack on the scene, perhaps his appeal is not as high as some of the more established figures. But Keem and his clique, despite being relative novices still, “pay bills”. So as alluded to earlier, he’s prepared to get into a “real” relationship.

"Lost Souls" Lyrics

“Lost Souls” Facts

Primary Artist(s): Baby Keem
Album/EP: “The Melodic Blue”

When did “Lost Souls” come out?

On the 10th of September, 2021, Keem released this alongside the rest of its album, “The Melodic Blue”.


“Lost Souls” was written and produced by Keem in partnership with Jahaan Sweet and Scott Bridgeway. This is the same team behind a number of songs from “The Melodic Blue”. One such song is “Cocoa” which features rapper Don Toliver.

Are there any Samples in “Lost Souls”?

Yes. The producers sampled into this track a 2019 song by Che Ecru titled “Sex A Pill”.

Lost Souls

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