“Cocoa” by Baby Keem (ft. Don Toliver)

The title of this song (“Cocoa”) is a romance-related characteristic which Baby Keem has placed on some chick he’s sleeping with. As the story seemingly goes, he’s more vested in settling down with her than vice versa. But despite conflicting relationship goals, they strike up a meaningful romance nonetheless.

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The initial setting of the third verse is different from the previous two, rather featuring Keem and his crew chillin’ in a strip club. And as presented, he’s willing to entertain strippers in the venue itself but not to go as far as taking one home. So it’s like the rapper and his homeys like sex, but it’s not like they’re feening for it.

Yet at the same time, the final line of the song apparently reveals the moral of the story. And that is if the vocalist meets a lady whom he enjoys sleeping with, then ‘there’s a chance he gets attached’ to her. So this song sort of illustrates Keem’s adventures in that regard. But it’s obvious that he, at least ideologically, possesses his own set of morals when playing the singles’ game.

Lyrics of "Cocoa" by Baby Keem

“Cocoa” Facts

Primary Artist(s): Baby Keem
Featured Artist(s): Don Toliver
Album/EP: “The Melodic Blue”
Release: September 10 of 2021

Was “Cocoa” a single?



The official writers of this are:

  • Baby Keem
  • Scott Bridgeway
  • Don Toliver
  • Jahaan Sweet

Keem collaborated again with co-writers Bridgeway and Sweet in the production of “Cocoa”.

Does “Cocoa” contain samples?

Yes. It samples a number of songs, including:

  • “Came Back for You” (2003) – Lil’ Kim
  • “Coldest Winter” (2008) – Kanye West

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