“Trademark USA” by Baby Keem

This is a multi-subjected song that serves as the lead-off track on The Melodic Blue. The intro for instance features the vocalist beefing with who appears to be a loved one and Keem noting how his life has permanently changed since ‘getting a taste of success’.

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Then the first verse jumps around from the rapper touting his sexual prowess to acknowledging his grandmother to once again alluding to his wealth. Then the chorus actually acts as a “shoutout to the dead”, i.e. those who passed away.

Meanwhile the following verse reads like a criticism of rivals, whom Keem deems to be on a lower level of thinking and status. Then, Trademark USA segues into its second part with a short segment on love. And the second part commences with a brief verse squarely centered on Keem’s impressive wealth.

The verse that comes after, which is longer than an average length, serves as sort of a convergence of all of the above ideas, perhaps most notably featuring the rapper implying that his stage name is derived from a nickname his mother gave him. 

He closes out the verse by then noting that his mom may have a drinking problem which contributed to them facing financial hardship in the past. Other songs found on Melodic Blue also indicate that past adversities such as these profoundly affected Keem. And the song closes out with the chorus featuring Rosalía touting herself as “a hot girl” and Keem responding that he’s ‘losing his mind’ as a result.


So as you can see there’s a lot going on here, and we haven’t even covered everything. So obviously on this particular outing, the rapper didn’t go about trying to stick to a definitive topic. But that said, it’s not abundantly clear what the title is supposed to mean in the grand scheme of the piece, unless Keem is saying something like his lifestyle as detailed above is the product of being an American.

Lyrics to Baby Keem's "trademark usa"

“Trademark USA” Facts

Primary Artist: Baby Keem
Album: “The Melodic Blue”

Did Keem release “Trademark USA” as a single?

No. Keem’s maiden album “The Melodic Blue” as of its release date (September 10, 2021) had the support of only these singles”: “Durag Activity” and “Family Ties“.

Who are the Creators of “Trademark USA”?

“Trademark USA” was made (written and produced) by the collaborative efforts of the following songwriters and producers:

  • Keem
  • Frank Dukes
  • Scott Bridgeway
  • Rogét Chahayed
  • Teo Halm

Unaccredited Contribution of Rosalía

It should be mentioned that Spanish singer Rosalía contributes vocals to this song. However, she isn’t officially credited as a vocalist on the track. It is not exactly clear why this is the case.

trademark usa

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