“Fallin 4 U” by Chlöe

“Fallin 4 U” is more of a sample extracted from a 10-minute conversation between her godmother (aka her manager) and driver that Chlöe taped secretly. With that said, the part we hear circles around what the lady expects the man to do for her, yet what she does for him should be of her own accord.

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For example, Chlöe’s godmother said that she prefers to dominate the man (e.g. him laying down). Furthermore, she doesn’t welcome a man telling her what to do for him – in fact, if she does it, it should be through her own will.

This in itself can be a very controversial topic to many. In fact, as a woman, I do not support such statements about expecting men to be dominated by women (or anyone for that matter). This shows how women can be unrealistic in such situations. If a woman wants to dominate a man completely (or vice versa), that’s a remedy for a disastrous relationship. We also shouldn’t be complaining about how the men don’t take charge in things if they’ve been submissive for so long.

But of course, this is a snippet of a lengthy conversation so what was said before and after is unknown. 

“Fallin’, fallin’, fallin’ for you
For ridin’ I do, fallin’ for you
Crazy, I forget myself too
But you say that I do, not ridin’ for you”

Release of “Fallin 4 U”

This is the sixth song on the playlist of the debut solo album of Chlöe, “In Pieces”. The track was officially put out on the same day its album dropped. And the date in question is the 31st of March 2023.


Chlöe authored “Fallin 4 U” with several other writers including its producers Jakik and Scott Bridgeway. The track’s other songwriters are Sherry Barnett and Halfway.

Fallin 4 U

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