“Take It from Me” By Jordan Davis

“Take It from Me” is a phrase normally given to someone in conjunction with a piece of advice. And in this song, Jordan Davis is advising his sweetheart that whatever she may need, she should feel free to take it from him. This desire can come in the form of something physical, like a T-shirt, or something emotional, like his heart. He is deeply in love and as such, is willing to give her any and everything she needs. He does all this because his want of her supersedes whatever it is she may be asking for. That is to say, it is his pleasure to make his darling the recipient of his good will.

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Take It From Me Lyrics
The official music video for Jordan Davis’ “Take It From Me”

Facts about “Take It from Me”

  • Jordan Davis co-wrote this tune with two other songwriters: Jacob Davis and Jason Grantt.
  • Record producer Paul DiGiovanni worked with Davis to produce the song. FYI, Davis didn’t co-produce the song.
  • The official release date of “Take It from Me” was October 19, 2017. It is the second single from Davis debut studio album Home State. Additionally, it is the second single of his career as a country music singer. His first single was a song titled “Singles You Up”.
  • The video for this track was directed by Tyler Adams.

How did “Take It from Me” perform on the charts?

The song actually did quite well. For example, it not only entered America’s Hot 100, it also made it into the top 10 of the US Country Airplay. Furthermore, it also performed well in Canada. It even entered the top 20 of the Billboard Canada Country.

Which record label was “Take It from Me” released through?

As of the time the song was released, Davis was signed to MCA Records Nashville. The single was therefore released through the label in question.

What musical genre is “Take It from Me”?

It is, for lack of a better word, a bona fide country song.

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