“What My World Spins Around” by Jordan Davis

To say that your “world spins around” a particular object or in this case person is another way of putting forth that said individual is the perpetual center of your attention. So the first verse of this song goes about delineating various activities that the vocalist really enjoys. 

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But Jordan Davis doing so is just so that he can later contrast those experiences with “that way that it feels” now, being with his significant other. The lyrics do seem to put a very-high premium on his physical attraction to her. But as implied in the chorus, the two of them are indeed married.

Lyrics Inspiration

With the above in mind, it is known that Jordan Davis’s relationship with his actual wife, Kristen O’Connor, is what inspired this piece. Perhaps it can be suggested that most or at least a significant number of popular male singers are married, even more so it would seem within the country genre. So when such individuals drop love songs, we can always speculate that their actual spouses served as inspiration. 

But what’s less common is a vocalist lyrically acknowledging that he’s married to the addressee. So when one of them does that, such as in this chorus, that’s a way for us listeners to recognize for instance that Davis is truly smitten by his spouse.

And he has gone on to explain that this piece is in fact based on his real life, how before he was preoccupied with sportsmanship and later on, music. He also went on to imply that the addressee would not only be Kirsten but furthermore a personification, if you will, of the children they share. 

Or more simply put, being a family man has shifted the vocalist’s focus. And in that regard, it seems that there may even be some type of scientific explanation to what Jordan is putting forth here.

"What My World Spins Around" Lyrics

Jordan Davis speaks about “What My World Spins Around”

According to Jordan, the long and short of the song’s lyrics is that his world revolves around his family. This is a message he proudly wants his fans and the entire world to know.

What My World Spins Around

The Writing of “What My World Spins Around”

Considering this song was inspired by Jordan’s wife and by extension family, it is beyond obvious he wrote it. However, he isn’t the only writer that receives writing credit on this song. Popular country music singer Ryan Hurd, is also credited as a co-writer. So is a songwriter named Matt Dragstrem.

Jordan revealed that the song was created in the midst of a recording session between himself and the aforementioned writers. He said while having a discussion with them, he began talking about how his life has seen massive changes since he became a married man. And that was it! That thought instantly gave birth to the title of the song.

Jordan and Kristen got married somewhere in 2017. As of the writing of this article, the marriage has been blessed with two beautiful kids.

The Production

Music producer, guitarist and songwriter, Paul DiGiovanni, handled the entire production responsibility of this song.

Release Date of “What My World Spins Around”

On the 6th of June, 2022, Jordan Davis officially dropped this piece as a single. It is officially the single number 2 from the “Bluebird Days” project (which is his second studio album).

About two months after this song’s release, Jordan performed it live to critical acclaim at the ACM Honors 2022 which was held at the Ryman Auditorium located in Nashville, TN. Other artists that performed live at the event included the likes of Kelsea Ballerini, Wynonna Judd, Avril Lavigne and Lainey Wilson.

Chart Performance

This was a successful song for Jordan in the sense that it gave him a top-10 hit on multiple Billboard charts in the United States, including

  • Country Airplay
  • Hot Country Songs

It also charted on the Hot 100 (actually going on to enjoy top-50 status here).

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