“Next Thing You Know” by Jordan Davis

For the most part, it can be said that Jordan Davis’ “Next Thing You Know” song speaks to a phenomenon that we will refer to as random love. At first, the subject comes off as someone who has lost hope in romance. 

But then, he randomly meets a lady at a bar (of course), and that small, initial interaction proves to be the seed to the two of them ultimately becoming man and wife. 

In delineating the progression of this relationship, Jordan Davis uses the term “next thing you know” throughout. In context what said phrase symbolizes, most simply put, is how quickly and even unexpectedly matters can progress from one stage to the next. Then later, in the bridge, it is used to point to the enduringness of the featured couple’s union.

So this is a love song which depicts how an ideal romance is supposed to proceed – from love at first sight, if you will, to marriage and then “a yard full of… kids”. But by the time all is said and done, the lyrics aren’t solely about love but also “how fast” the years can fly by, when you’re with that special someone. 

Beyond that, such a vision was not only inspired, as noted in the outro, by idyllic country living but also Jordan’s own career and familial trajectory.

Lyrics of "Next Thing You Know"

Who is Jordan Davis?

Jordan Davis is a country singer from Louisiana who has been industry active since 2017. His biggest hit to date is a 2021 collaboration with Luke Bryan called “Buy Dirt“. As of the release of “Next Thing You Know”, he has one studio album under his belt, 2018’s “Home State”. 

When was “Next Thing You Know” released?

“Next Thing You Know” came out through UMG Nashville, the label Jordan has been signed to since 2016, on 12 August 2022. The track is associated with his second studio album.

Did Jordan write this song?

Yes, he did. Jordan Davis co-wrote “Next Thing You Know” with three others, namely:

  • Greylan James
  • Chase McGill
  • Josh Osborne

The producer of this track is one Paul DiGiovanni. 

Next Thing You Know

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  1. Taylor says:

    This is the best song ever I love Jordan Davis he is a great singer

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