“The Other Side” by SZA & Justin Timberlake

This song is actually based on the popular adage ‘the grass is always greener on the other side’.  The best way to describe that proverb is that people have the tendency to fantasize about what they don’t have as opposed to appreciating what they already possess. So accordingly they make efforts to change fundamental aspects of their lives. However, in time, they realize that the final result was not as envisioned. And the addressee of this song would be someone who possesses such a disposition of desiring instantaneous change. And the implication being that he/she also has self-esteem issues. 

So in response what the singers (SZA and Timberlake) are telling this individual is that he needs to value themself in the present. Or rather, instead of operating under a mind state of discontent, he/she needs to appreciate what they already have. And in terms of actually reaching “the other side”, they should not try to do so hastily or in a stressful manner. Rather “the path” to their contentment and success will materialize at its own pace along the way. Indeed fate itself is committed to bringing their fulfillment to pass. But in the meantime, if they become too anxious in terms of reaching certain goals, they run the risk of losing the internal qualities which make them exceptional in the here and now. 

So conclusively, we can say that the main the sentiment being expressed is an espousement of patience in terms of personal development. The singers don’t see anything wrong with aspiring towards certain goals. However, they do perceive hasting to do so as being detrimental. Or perhaps more to the point, people have the tendency to view their present situations as being more detrimental than they actually are.

Lyrics of "The Other Side"

Facts about “The Other Side”

This song was released by RCA Records in association with Sony Music Entertainment on 26 February 2020. It was created specifically to be featured on the soundtrack of the animated film “Trolls World Tour”. Furthermore, it serves as the lead single from that project.

The music video to the track, which was directed by Daniel Russell, was designed to pay tribute to the iconic hip-hop videos of the 1990s. Specifically it pays homage to videos that were helmed by legendary music-video director Hype Williams.

This is the first time SZA and Justin Timberlake have collaborated on a track.  They’re also both credited as co-writers of “The Other Side”, as are the following writers:

  • Sarah Aarons
  • Max Martin
  • Ludwig Göransson

  Timberlake and Ludwig Göransson are also the producers of the tune.

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