“The Snake” by Al Wilson

“The Snake” is the title of a 1960s soul anthem released by the late American musician Al Wilson. The lyrics of “The Snake” narrate the tale of a kindhearted woman who finds a severely injured snake on the ground. The dying snake pleads with the woman to help it. The woman shows concern for the reptile’s well being and decides to offer it help. So she takes it home and takes very good care of it until it recovers. However, instead of being thankful and grateful for the life saving assistance the woman offered it, the ungrateful snake does the unthinkable. It bites the woman, poisoning her in the process.

As the snake’s fatal poison courses through her veins, the disappointed woman asks the reptile why it did what it did to her despite the fact that she saved its life. The ungrateful and treacherous reptile replies in a manner that adds insult to the woman’s injury. It calls her “silly” and goes on to state that she knew the risks she was taking when she offered to help it. Owing to this, she apparently has none other but herself to blame for her predicament.

Lyrics of "The Snake"

Moral of the Story

The lesson learned from the aforementioned story is that evil is alive in this world that we live in. There are certain terrible and ungrateful individuals who would not hesitate to destroy you regardless of the amount of kindness and help you shower upon them. Even if you offered a life saving assistance to them, they would harm you the moment they get the slightest opportunity to do so. You should therefore be careful who you help and who you are reckless around – especially those who you know can be potentially dangerous.

Simply put, this song warns us that being recklessly kind to evil people/entities can be dangerous.

Who wrote “The Snake”?

This classic was written by American civil rights activist and songwriter Oscar Brown. The song’s lyrics are actually inspired by a famous fable from Aesop titled “The Farmer and the Viper”.

When was “The Snake” released? 

This classic was officially released somewhere in August of 1968.

President Donald Trump and “The Snake”

President Trump has famously used this song’s lyrics on multiple occasions to make a point during his political rallies. He primarily uses it to warn Americans on the dangers of accepting immigrants. So he basically compares “the reptile” in the story to certain immigrants. According to him, allowing certain immigrants and refugees to enter and live in America can harm Americans just like the reptile harmed the woman in the song.

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