“Todo De Ti” by Rauw Alejandro

For starters, the title of this song (“Todo De Ti”) translates to “Everything About You”. And resultantly, as can be deduced from such a designation, this is in fact a love song.

And the narrative starts off simply enough, with Rauw admiring the “hair”, “eyes”, “skin… color” and “mouth” of the addressee, who would be his titular romantic interest. In other words, it would appear that his admiration for this lady is for the most part physical. And why? Because Rauw doesn’t bother to mention any type of internal attributes that she possesses.

In the pre-chorus he then goes on to celebrate being with her in an amorous kind of way, as well as how she “looks phenomenal” in a bikini. And the notion that his love is purely based on physical attraction is further buttressed by the chorus. For here the rapper goes on to put forth that the “everything about” the addressee which he ‘likes’ would be “all (her) parts”, i.e. her body parts we would have to presume based on all of the above.

Meanwhile the second verse is a bit more lyrically complicated than the first. This section is more in tune with the romantic rap songs of the day. That is to say that the rapper uses the opportunity to namedrop a couple of luxury brands, not only to imply that he’s wealthy but also to illustrate how the addressee, being the woman he loves, is a beneficiary of his riches. 

Is Alejandro in love or infatuated?

Alejandro also drops a few more references to his appreciation of the addressee’s impressive body, which is apparently the result of her dieting, exercising and what have you. And whereas it is easy to classify this as a case of infatuation, which it may be to some extent, it would also appear that the vocalist is serious about this relationship. For instance in this same verse, Rauw asserts that he exercises self-control in the name of keeping this romance moving forward. Yet, he does follow up that statement with yet another allusion to his physical/sexual desire for this lady.  But even if his feelings are based solely based on erotic attraction, apparently said attraction is strong enough to keep him loyal.

So maybe when some people use a term such as ‘liking everything about’ a particular person, they mean what lies inside as well as outside. But it would appear that concerning the timeline of the relationship at hand, the vocalist has yet to really get to know who the addressee is internally, or arguably he doesn’t really care. And that is because, on his part, his raw physical attraction to her is powerful enough to keep the relationship moving forward.

Lyrics to Rauw Alejandro’s “Todo De Ti”

Rauw Alejandro’s

We’re familiar with more-established Puerto Rican raggaeton artists like Bad Bunny, Daddy Yankee and Anuel AA. But despite being active since 2014, Rauw, who is 28 years old at this song’s dropping, is considered to be part of a newer generation of Puerto Rican urban musicians, himself hailing from San Juan. 

His first album, Afrodisiaco, came out in 2020. And his debut single, Toda, was released in 2017, which still stands as his biggest solo hit of the 2010s.

Since then he has participated on a number of singles, most of them being collaborations. One such example is a song that came out earlier in 2021 entitled Baila Conmigo alongside Selena Gomez. 

And “Todo De Ti” was released on 21 May of that same year.

Rauw Alejandro’s “Todo De Ti”

More about “Todo De Ti”

This song is a product of Sony Music Latin and an indie label from the island of enchantment called Duars Entertainment.

This song reached number one in Spain and also performed well, though not as much, in Argentina. Stateside it appeared on the Billboard Hot 100 and peaked at number 3 on Billboard’s Hot Latin Songs chart. 

As of the writing of this post “Todo De Ti” also somewhat surprisingly made a major jump on the Billboard Global 200, from number 31 all the way up to 3rd place. So it is possible that it may end up topping said listing, though Rauw would have to best the formidable BTS in order to do so.

One Marlon Peña served as the director of this clip’s music video. And as you can see from its YouTube cover image it features NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal, who stands over a foot taller than Rauw Alejandro.

Rauw wrote and produced “Todo De Ti” in conjunction with Mr. Naisgai, who is a regular collaborator of his. And the other writers of the song are:

  • Colla
  • Eric Duars
  • Rafa Pabön

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