Rosalía is from Catalonia, which is sort of a sub-country found within Spain. Barcelona is the most famous part of Catalonia, and it is there where she spent her formative music years.

It is not abundantly clear when Rosalía first made it over to the US. But by the looks of things it was in 2013, when she participated in a professional performing arts conference in NYC. And undoubtedly the songstress has been back to the Big Apple a few times since, as this song (“CHICKEN TERIYAKI”) serves as an ode to New York City.

And yes, that may be a bit of a startling revelation considering that chicken teriyaki is a Japanese dish. Interestingly, in the chorus the vocalist goes about mentioning ‘cats’, with there being a prevailing rumor in New York City that some Asian (particularly Chinese) restaurants may be serving patrons cat meat on the low. But we’re not trying to say such is actually what Rosalía is trying to allude to. 

The chorus is confusing enough as is, but what she seems to be getting at, all lyrics considered, is a notion like she’s chillin’.


Being that Rosalía is in fact Spanish, so are the lyrics of this song.  As such, quite a few of the lyrics do come across, from this perspective, as being a bit challenging to comprehend.

But again, what is clear is that this piece features a braggadocious tone, based largely on the vocalist’s wealth. Also the second verse in particular sports a romantic narrative. But more to the point, in the grand scheme of the piece, is its numerous references to New York City, like namedropping “Tribeca”, “Queens” and presumably Washington “Heights”. 

So putting all of that together what this song is actually based on, going to the Rosalía’s aforenoted explanation even, is the vocalist chillin’ in NYC.

Lyrics of Rosalia's "CHICKEN TERIYAKI"


Columbia Records made this song public on 24 February 2022. It is the third single from “Motomami”, which is also Rosalía’s third album. Rosalía is a singer from Spain whose last album, “El Mal Querer” (2018), topped Billboard’s US Latin Pop Albums chart, in addition to achieving number one status in her homeland.

Tanu Muino, a Ukrainian artist who is concurrently one of the hottest names in the music video circuit, held down said responsibility for “Chicken Teriyaki”.

Late 20th century rapper Q-Tip gets a writing credit on this song, as he is its background vocalist. The other co-writers, besides Rosalía, are:

  • Rauw Alejandro
  • El Guincho
  • David Rodriguez
  • Sky Rompiendo
  • Michael Uzowuru

Rosalía, Guincho, Rompiendo and Uzowuru also produced “Chicken Teriyaki”, in that regard working alongside Noah Goldstein.

Some analysts have deemed that this song was created specifically to go viral on TikTok.

Besides being particularly inspired by the Mercer Hotel (which is found in Manhattan) and the fashion sense of New Yorkers, Rosalía also stated that the composition of this song was her “just having fun”.


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