“True Love” by Yung Lean & Thaiboy Digital

Yung Lean and Thaiboy Digital’s “True Love” is a love song in which basically, the two vocalists respectively take different approaches in addressing their romantic interest. 

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Thaiboy focuses more on the material side of their relationship, i.e. taking his girlfriend shopping while driving her around in a flashy and expensive car. He also makes an interesting statement by telling her that ‘seven years is way too long’. This implies that maybe homegirl is making Digital wait before allowing him to go all the way.

And that theory is kinda buttressed by Yung Lean, who makes a pretty unorthodox statement himself, considering the genre we’re dealing with, in telling his sweetheart that “we don’t want sin”.

So obviously, even though this is romance-based rap song, “True Love” isn’t sexual in nature. But most notably, Lean proceeds to drive the point home that he is not concerned with his girlfriend’s past but rather, as inferred, is looking forward to the two of them sharing a loving future together.

Indeed, the chorus posits that this song is meant to center on “unconditional” love. So from Thaiboy’s perspective, that would apparently mean going all out monetarily in the name of impressing the apple of his eye. 

And for Yung Lean, such commitment would connote that even though his partner may have a less-than-ideal past, he’s willing to push that aside in the name of them enjoying a peaceful romance.

Lyrics to "True Love"

Thaiboy Digital

As his moniker suggests, Thaiboy Digital is a musician from Thailand and beyond that one who specializes in hip-hop. Being 28 years old as of the release of “True Love”, he has been industry active since the early 2010s. Thus far, he has a couple of studio albums under his belt. 

Yung Lean

Meanwhile Yung Lean, who is a couple of years younger than Thaiboy, is actually a rapper from Sweden. He’s likewise been active since the early 2010s and has dropped six studio albums to date, the most recent being 2020’s “Blodthundar & Lullabies”. His most famous song to date is “Ginseng Strip 2002“.

To note, both Yung and Thaiboy are signed to a Stockholm-based label called Year0001, who accordingly supported the release of this song.

The reason why Thaiboy Digital is signed to Year0001 is because he actually spent over a decade living in Sweden and initiated his music career there. As such, he’s already been associated with Yung Lean for some years, and they have a number of previous collaborations together. 

But to note, in 2015 Thaiboy was sacked from Sweden due to visa issues – which by the way was an expulsion that Yung Lean tried to prevent. So as it currently stands Digital is still working under Year0001, albeit from Thailand.

When was “True Love” released?

“True Love” was released through Year0001 on 19 October 2022.

Even though Thaiboy and Lean co-headline “True Love”, this is a track that’s actually featured on Thaiboy’s forthcoming third studio effort, “Back 2 Life”.


This track was produced by a Canadian musician known as Rok. Rok also gets songwriting credit for “True Love” alongside Lean and Digital.

True Love

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