“Undrunk” by FLETCHER

FLETCHER’s “Undrunk” is more or less a conventional modern-day heartbreak song but with two notable exceptions. First is that the language is quite graphic, even for a female pop singer. And lastly there is the notable use of verb tenses and the prefix “un”, as in Fletcher wishes she could undo the entire history of this relationship.

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The song begins with her quite honestly expressing that she called dude over for an intimate affair largely because she was drunk. Somewhat conversely she later admits her fear of sobriety because when she is not drunk and alone she fantasizes about this guy, particularly intimately. But ultimately she acknowledges her relationship with him has been extremely painful.

Thus the chorus of this song plays out almost like the plot to a time-travel movie. In other words, we have Fletcher expressing her desire to undo a bunch of activities she has already done. This includes the aforementioned intimate encounters with this guy and also actions that she committed in the name of hurting him. But the one thing she perhaps wishes to undo the most is getting involved with him in the first place.

FLETCHER's "Undrunk" lyrics

By delving deeper into the song, you can see that Fletcher is faced with an unenviable predicament. For even though she wishes all of these things never happened, she still has feelings for this guy. In fact she states that the primary reason she does not want to visit him is because she might run into his new girlfriend. Moreover she acknowledges that when she is drunk she has feelings of love for him, while also stating that when she is sober she ‘touches herself’ looking at his pictures. 

So in the end, it can be concluded that Fletcher has a love/hate relationship with this dude. Yet this same dilemma perhaps contributes to her concluding that she would have been better off never making his acquaintance.

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  1. Becky says:

    It’s about a girl 🙄 she’s gay
    Adjust accordingly please

  2. Anonymous says:

    This girl*** not guy

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