“Becky’s So Hot” by FLETCHER

“Becky’s So Hot” was inspired by a lesbian love triangle, if you will, between Fletcher and a couple of social-media personalities in Shannon Beveridge and Becky Missal. Actually, Fletcher used to date Beveridge, who has since moved on to hook up with Missal. So more specifically, what this particular piece sprang from is the vocalist one day doing some Instagram-based research on Becky – i.e. Shannon’s new piece – and in the process coming to the conclusion that Becky is indeed “hot”.

And the lyrics do get those points across quite effectively and colorfully, even if a listener does not have the previous foreknowledge. On one hand, we’re dealing with the standard type of jealousy and discontent present in songs in which a singer is addressing an ex who’s dating someone new that also happens to be a sound catch. But on the other, this vocalist cannot deny her own attraction to her ex’s new beau also. 

So basically, what she’s saying is that in the grand scheme of things, she “can’t blame” Shannon for being so attracted to Becky since, if the opportunity were presented, Fletcher would hook up with her herself.

FLETCHER, "Becky's So Hot" Lyrics
FLETCHER sheds light on "Becky's So Hot"


Fletcher is a singer from Asbury Park (the part of New Jersey made musically famous by Bruce Springsteen in the early 1970s). She has scored one solid hit since becoming a professional musician in 2015, that being 2019’s “Undrunk“. 

“Becky’s So Hot”

“Becky’s So Hot” is a track the songstress came out with in 20 July 2022. It is a part of Fletcher’s debut LP, a project called “Girl of My Dreams”. 

And by the looks of things this track may be on its way to hitting also, as upon release it fared very well on the US side of iTunes Song Sales Chart.

The producers of this track are Pink Slip and One Love, both of whom also get songwriting credit alongside Kinetics, Fletcher and a pair of musicians known as t.A.T.u.

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