“Until the World Goes Cold” by Trivium

Trivium’s “Until the World Goes Cold” can be classified as an exercise in positivity thinking, if you will. Matt Heafy has described it as being premised on a person coming to realize what the ultimate goal of life is. And now having concluded such, he or she is willing to make any and all sacrifices in the relentless pursuit of securing it. Or stated poetically, this individual is going to keep pursuing this goal “until the world goes cold”. 

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And the narrator, i.e. the person who is on this path, perceives that there are many perils, some of them life-threatening, along the way. However, as illustrated by the titular metaphor, he is not going to let up.


So again, this song can be interpreted as an inspirational tune. That being said, the goal the singer is trying to reach is never specified. Therefore the listener, to some degree, can envision it as whatever he or she wants. The song does not have a general applicability towards just any aspiration. However, it makes it clear that what the singer desires, he longs for so earnestly that he has adopted a succeed-or-die attitude.

Lyrics of “Until the World Goes Cold”

Facts about “Until the World Goes Cold”

This song came out on 2 October 2015 as part of Trivium’s album “Silence in the Snow”. It also served as the third official single from that project.

“Until the World Goes Cold” made an appearance on Billboard’s Mainstream Rock and Rock Airplay charts.

Trivium members Heafy, Madiro, Gregoletto and Beaulieu wrote this song.

And it was produced by Michael “Elvis” Baskette.

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