“In Waves” by Trivium

To begin with, Trivium’s “In Waves” is a highly-metaphorical song. But it seems that what the titular “waves” actually represents, as illustrated in the chorus, is “death approaching fast”.

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We also see in the very next line that the narrator has adopted a disposition akin to perceiving life as being futile. Or another way of looking at this scenario is that he sees his life as being on a downward spiral. And as shown in the first verse, he applies this reality not only to himself but the addressee(s) also. That is he states that they are all “igniting in waves”. Moreover they are “incessantly… sinking in flames”. So basically, he feels that other people around him are going through the same hell that he is.

They say “In Waves” is about Suicide

It has been postulated that this song may be about suicide. In other words, the narrator is suicidal and questions should he ‘pull everyone down with him’, which may be an allusion to something like a mass murder. So it can be said that the lyrics are being relayed from the perspective of a person who is very severely-depressed and pessimistic.

But that’s just one of the many ways of interpreting that latter phrase. For instance when he refers to “pulling everyone down”, it could also be interpreted in the sense of his depression being contagious, as lyric-wise he does not come off as being the murderous type. Though it is possible that what Trivium was attempting to do in this song is present the type of mentality someone would have before committing an act as destructive as a mass murder.

But what rather appears to be the case is that the narrator is suffering from a pessimism tantamount to believing that he and others can die at any given moment. And again the title represents this overall negativity, one that is ultimately unavoidable since people are “perpetually” and “incessantly” being taken “in waves”.

Lyrics of “In Waves”

Facts about “In Waves”

This is the title song from Trivium’s fifth album, with both being released by Roadrunner Records on 2 August 2011.

“In Waves” was the first single in which Trivium featured Nick Augusto, who joined the band in 2010, on the drums.

The first time Trivium performed this song was live on 19 June 2011 while putting on a show in Birmingham, England.

“In Waves” was penned by the entire band.

And its producers are C. Richardson and M. Ford.

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