What Songs did J.J. Cale write for Eric Clapton?

J.J. Cale wrote several songs that Eric Clapton would go on to cover and achieve significant success with. Some of the notable songs include:

“Cocaine”: Perhaps one of the most well-known songs that Clapton covered, “Cocaine” is a song that talks about the drug in a somewhat ambiguous manner, neither outright condemning nor promoting its use. Clapton’s version of the song became a hit and is one of his signature tracks.

“After Midnight”: This is another popular J.J. Cale song that Clapton covered. The song talks about letting loose and having a good time “after midnight.” Clapton’s rendition brought a more polished and rock-oriented sound compared to Cale’s original, laid-back and casual style.

“Travelin’ Light”: Clapton also covered this J.J. Cale song, which is a laid-back track that talks about the ease and freedom of traveling light through life. Clapton’s version adheres to his blues-rock style, providing a contrast to Cale’s more mellow and jazzy original.

“I’ll Make Love to You Anytime”: Clapton covered this track as well, bringing his own style to Cale’s bluesy original.

“Angel”: This song was also written by J.J. Cale and later covered by Clapton, featuring his signature smooth and soulful guitar playing.

Clapton has often expressed his admiration for J.J. Cale’s songwriting and style. In fact, the two musicians collaborated on an album titled “The Road to Escondido” (2006), which won the Grammy Award for Best Contemporary Blues Album. Their mutual respect and appreciation for each other’s work have been evident throughout their careers, and Clapton has always credited Cale as a significant influence on his music.

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