“Where’s The Catch?” by James Blake (ft. André 3000)

For the most part “Where’s the Catch” is a song about a strong, budding romance. In fact things are going so well that singer James Blake asserts “there must be a catch.” Simply put, the relationship is too perfect. Therefore he is anticipating some unforeseen calamity to strike the union eventually.  However, outside of questioning the validity of the goodness that has visited him, the rest of his lyrics are positive.

However, André 3000’s verse tackles the title of the song more head-on. He starts of by stating that he is apprehensive, indeed pessimistic about his relationship. This is despite there being nothing actually wrong with it. It seems that he is making these predictions based on his past experiences with romance. Therefore although things may be euphoric presently, he has fully accepted that quite the opposite is forthcoming.

Lyrics of the song "Where's The Catch?"

Despite its overall unflattering outlook, “Where’s the Catch?” is actually a song praising a special romance more than questioning it. Yes, there may be an overall expectation that things will go awry. However, this is due to the artists having a hard time grasping the idealistic fortune that has befalling them by finding the perfect partner.

Facts about “Where’s The Catch?”

  • “Where’s The Catch?” is a song from James Blake’s 2019 album Assume Form.
  • It was written by American rapper Andre 3000 of Outkast fame together with English singer James Blake.
  • This song, which is under the label Polydor Records, was released on 18th January 2019, with Andre and James being the vocalist for this track.
  • Dan Foat and James Blake worked together to produce this song, which features Andre 3000.

Was this the first time Andre 3000 and James Blake worked together?

No. Prior to this collaboration, the duo had initially collaborated on a track “Look Ma No Hands”. That song was released back in May 2018.

Did Blake release this as a single from Assume Form?

No. That album was preceded by three singles, including “Mile High“. “What’s the Catch?” wasn’t one of these singles.

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