“Wild Reputation” by AC/DC

“Wild Reputation” is one of the songs on AC/DC’s Power Up album in which Brian Johnson is taking on the role of a bad boy. Indeed it is he who possesses the titular “wild reputation”. That is to say that people in his small ‘hood know that he is troublesome. For instance, a robbery goes down in town, and apparently he is instantly presumed to be one of the suspects. And according to the vocalist himself, he is in fact the type of person who doesn’t respect anyone. So at the end of day, we can say that he has indeed earned the “wild reputation” which has been cast upon him.

Power Up is AC/DC’s 17th studio album, with the band having formed way back in 1973.  The two founders are brothers named Malcolm and Angus Young. These are also the two artists credited with writing “Wild Reputation”, despite the fact that Malcolm passed away in 2017.

This song had Brendan O’Brien as its primary producer. And its record labels are Columbia and Sony Music Australia. And it was released in November 2020.

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