“Worst Is On Its Way” by Korn

As implied by the title (“Worst Is On Its Way”), what this song is based on is the vocalist possessing the belief that some kind of impending misfortune is imminent. As explained by lead singer Jonathan Davis in his own words and relayed in the second verse, said sentiment is not about him foretelling any type of specific event or being worried about a particular happenstance. Instead, what we are dealing with here is a feeling premised on the general understanding that life has a tendency to randomly yet consistently throw bad luck in our direction.

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So going back to Jonathan’s explanation, it’s as if we are caught up in a perpetual cycle of peace being counterbalanced by misfortune. So even though nothing bad may be going on with the vocalist at the moment, internally he is still disquieted by this troubled outlook on life.

Korn, "Worst Is On Its Way" Lyrics


The narrator is a type of person who constantly feels that bad luck or ill fortune is an inevitable part of life that is always lurking around waiting to show its ugly face to mankind. Hence the song’s title (“Worst Is On Its Way”).

“Worst Is On Its Way”

On 12 April 2022, Loma Vista Records made this the fourth single released from Korn’s LP “Requiem”, which marks the 14th studio album in their catalog. This song is also the ninth and final song on the standard playlist of said album.

Other singles birthed by “Requiem” include:

The music video to this track was directed by the joint efforts of the following music video directors:

  • Culley Bunker
  • Craig Bernard.

This song was written by Korn bandmates. We therefore have a list of writing credits that looks like this:

  • Jonathan Davis
  • James Shaffer
  • Brian Welch
  • Reggie Arvizu
  • Ray Luzier

As a unit, the band also proceeded to produced the song alongside Chris Collier.

Worst Is On Its Way

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