“Start the Healing” by Korn

It would seem that self-help, along with romance and what have you, is one of the more constant themes present in the music industry. And so it is in this case, with the “healing” the vocalist is referring to on Korn’s “Start the Healing”. The “healing” being mentioned is synonymous with him fighting against internal negativity and most specifically “anger”, as pointed out in the pre-chorus. 

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Moreover he is advising the addressee, i.e. the general audience, to do the same, as in “break apart the pain and start the healing”.

Both of those are of course very vague instructions. But “the pain”, as sort of alluded to earlier, would be tantamount to a condition like depression or discouragement. And “the healing”, as implied throughout the latter part of the song, would be akin to the sufferer no longer giving him or herself over to whatever thought processes, etc. that are actually perpetuating that disposition.

So “Start the Healing” possesses the three basic elements we tend to find in these self-help pieces, even if worded differently. First would be the premise of the narrator himself being melancholic. 

Secondly a cure – even if a poetic, metaphorical one, such as what we have here – is identified. And thirdly, the sufferer is advised to conscientiously practice number two in the name of defeating number one.

"Start The Healing" Lyrics

Korn and “Start the Healing”

Korn is a musical act, classified as a nu metal band, which traces its professional origins back to the 1990s. It was also during those days, that the crew were at their peak in terms of critical and commercial success.

However, even in the aftermath of their heyday, Korn has established itself as a band that has never failed, with the exception of their 1994 debut project, to break the top 10 of the Billboard 200 with their studio albums. 

And “Start the Healing” is actually the lead single from their 14th studio project, 2022’s “Requiem”. Meanwhile, the track itself was released on 10 November 2021, being supported by Loma Vista Records.

Korn’s core membership has remained relatively consistent throughout the years. That is to say that the only member to have joined after the band’s inception in 1993 was drummer Ray Luzier in 2008. 

And the four out of the five original members are still reppin’ Korn to this day –

  • vocalist Jonathan Davis
  • guitarists Munky Shaffer
  • guitarist Head Welch
  • bassist Fieldy Arvizu

Fieldy went on hiatus recently, i.e. this very year. However, he is officially credited as a writer of “Start the Healing”. And original drummer David Silveria bounced right before the onset of 2007.

Besides Fieldy, the other four members of Korn, as mentioned above, are also noted as being the writers of “Start the Healing”. They did so alongside songwriter Lauren Christy. And they are collectively acknowledged as one of the track’s co-producers, with the others being Chris Collier and David Benveniste.

Professional filmographer Tim Saccenti directed this song’s music video.

Start The Healing

5 Responses

  1. John Jar says:

    This song start the healing,means so much to me.
    It means so much.
    I recently got upsetting bad news yesterday 25/11/21
    From a nurse

  2. Jadia says:

    I think it has way more to do with Jonathan’s wife’s death than anything else..

    • Alex says:

      I thought the same. My belief is that he feels responsible. He wrote his solo album in 2018 about her. It long after she passed away if I’m not mistaken from an overdose. I belief he feels somewhat responsible. I could be wrong though. Only the artist knows the tru meaning behind the songs for them.

  3. Jadia says:

    I think it has way more to do with Jonathan’s wife’s death than anything else..Just remember, your mind is very powerful and capable- the trick is to be in command, be your own master and choose your thoughts, kick those that you don’t want nor need- away. Acknowledge that you either resonate with a thought and it is beneficial in some way OR if it’s destructive, obliterate it! You don’t need it! That’s the coolest part, there is no need to obsess on destructive thoughts, kick em to the curb! You need to be mindful that I you are your own master!

  4. The Bear says:

    The part where it says “I take it all away, the feelings. Break apart the pain and start the healing” I’m planning on getting tattooed

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