“Lost In The Grandeur” by Korn

Korn’s “Lost In The Grandeur” is somewhat of a complicated piece to decipher, as perhaps to be expected coming from an act like Korn. But first confronting the title, considering that the vocalist applies that phrase onto himself in the chorus and the associated lyrics in the passage, it seems as if he is in fact speaking to having lost himself or what have you. 

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And also taking in mind that he uses the word “grandeur” in relation to all of this, the implication is that perhaps Jonathan is speaking to his celebrity or wealth.

And with that premise in mind, it also becomes more obvious clearer is what the vocalist is referring to in the verses also, i.e. this feeling of repression and entrapment. But the bridge is where the seriousness of the situation is really driven home, where he also lets us know that he “can’t go on living this way”.

The main argument that can counter the theory put forth above, to some degree, is that also like the bridge for instance, Davis implies that this situation he’s going through is rather one brought on by an outside party. In other words, the deceitful and repressive actions of the addressee is what has him feeling as if he is “lost in the grandeur”. 

And it is that factor, as in trying to determine whether this is a soliloquy or criticism of another, that what lies at the heart of the song’s confusing quality, if you will.

Perhaps it can be said, since the narrator does mention “demons” in the first verse, that the antagonist referred in the chorus and bridge is the devil, for the lack of more precise description. For it is under this person’s direction that the narrator has found himself “lost”.


So this is one of those analyses where we’ll conclude by saying that it would probably require listening to other songs on the album this track is featured on to really understand this piece. We know that the vocalist feels as if he’s “lost in the grandeur” alright. But as far as who got him there and even what exactly that statement is supposed to mean, such is not abundantly clear solely from the lyrics of this song.

Korn's "Lost In The Grandeur" Lyrics

Facts about “Lost in the Grandeur”

On 2 February 2022, “Lost in the Grandeur” became the third single released from “Requiem”, Korn’s 14th studio album. And to note, the LP itself is scheduled for a 4 February issuance date via Loma Vista Records and another label called Concord.

Four of the 1993 founders of Korn – Jonathan Davis, “Munky” Shaffer, “Head” Welch and “Fieldy” Arvizu – are still members of the band as of the dropping of “Lost in the Grandeur”. And drummer Ray Luzier joined the cause in 2008. Those five individuals are credited as the writers of this song as well as its co-producers, with Chris Collier also lending to the production of the track.

Lost In The Grandeur

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