“Forgotten” by Korn

It’s clear that the narrator of Korn’s “Forgotten” is speaking to some type of a toxic relationship with the addressee. More simply put, the latter is being presented as an oppressor of the former. And more to the point would be the vocalist feeling defenseless in the grand scheme of things. Or as depicted, the addressee has put him in some type of dependent state whereas the narrator may not be exactly sure how he will survive without this person. 

Or as Jonathan more directly yet poetically put it, he “is forgotten”, as in someone who is left without an entity if he were devoid of his relationships with the addressee.

To note this is a highly-metaphorical piece, and the above explanation is a theoretical way of explaining the chorus. All things considered, the situation could also be that the vocalist considers himself “forgotten” even with his relationship to the addressee intact. 

Or let’s say that the nature of this relationship is such that the singer has been stripped of all dignity, including an identity, if you will. Furthermore, he finds himself “a plaything at the discretion” of this person, who is using him in such a manner that is causing the vocalist to possess such low self-esteem.

Is “Forgotten” about a toxic relationship?

Based on the above explanation, it would be easy to presume that Korn is speaking a toxic romantic or personal relationship. However, it is very much possible that they are alluding to a concept like being repressed by the system. The said concept is arguably a widespread albeit subliminal theme in songs by rock acts these days.

Conclusive Sentiment

In any event, the conclusive sentiment of this piece is actually something like the vocalist coming to the realization that he is in fact being used. So now the onus is on him to ‘decide if he’s worth’ actually fighting for. He is basically determining if he deserves freedom and then mustering up the courage to actually pursue it. 

Making a decision like that may seem like a no-brainer to most people. However, to the narrator, this is actually a debate on his part due to his low self-esteem, and perhaps we can say his cowardice also. 

That said, even though it may be easy to judge the vocalist based on his shook disposition, once again going back to the macrocosmic perspective of things, truthfully finding one’s self in a repressed or shall we even say humbled state is sort of like a universal or common experience, especially considering the current state of the world we live in.

Lyrics for Korn's "Forgotten"


Korn is a band from California who has been around since the mid-1990s and specializes in a genre of music known as nu metal. During the early goings, they were really poppin’. Many have said that the band’s heyday concluded in the late aughts. However, Korn was successful enough around the turn of the century to still remain popular even headed into the 2020s. 


“Forgotten” was officially launched on 12 January 2022. It is the second single from what is actually the band’s 14th studio album. The said project/album goes by the title “Requiem”. It’s first single is titled “Start the Healing“.

The label behind this outing is Loma Vista Records. Also to note, “Forgotten” is also the opening track on “Requiem”.

Korn is one of those kinds of bands where every member of the crew tends to be granted songwriting credit for the tracks they put out. As such the current members of the group are all acknowledged in that regard in relation to “Forgotten”. They are as follows:

  • Jonathan Davis
  • Ray Luzier
  • Brain Welch
  • James Shaffer

Moreover bandmate Reginald Arvizu is listed as a cowriter. This is even though he is concurrently on hiatus from the group.

Korn, as a unit, co-produced this track with Chris Collier. 

The band had been teasing the forthcoming of “Forgotten” for a few weeks before its actual release.


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