“Yoppa” by Lil Mosey & BlocBoy JB

With many rappers it isn’t really about ascertaining the subjects of different songs they drop, as their works all tend to be based on the topics of money, sex, drugs and/or violence. So the task rather becomes determining which of those subjects actually takes precedence. 

And in the case of “Yoppa”, it has been determined that what Lil Mosey and BlocBoy JB are apparently speaking to is gun violence. However, that is not to say that the entire track centers on that topic.

To the contrary, all four of the aforementioned motifs make their presence felt herein. But the term yoppa for instance, as used in the chorus, is a colloquialism for a firearm. And relatedly, what Mosey and by extension BlocBoy are saying is that when you see them chillin’ in the whip or with their homeys, by all means they’re carrying the gat.. They are simply living by the gun, so to speak. 

And to illustrate, BlocBoy briefly expounds on an instance where some dude “tried to rob” him. In response, it was rather the robber who ended up getting shot. And there are other such musings contained in this piece. All of that basically boil down to the idea that as paid drug dealers or gangstas or whatever it is the vocalists are supposed to be, they are also ready, willing and able to resort to the gat if such an opportunity presents itself.

When was “Yoppa” released?

“Yoppa” was released on 4th of October, 2018 as a single from Mosey’s maiden studio album, “Northsbest”.

“Northsbest” shares the same name as the rapper’s mixtape of 2017, “NorthsBest”. The album was released on October 19 of 2018 by the music labels, Mogul Vision Music and Interscope Records. It ended up peaking at number 29 in the US.

A total of five singles were officially put out before the album’s 2018 release. The release of three singles namely, “Pull Up”, “Boof Pack” and “Noticed” preceded the release of “Yoppa” while the final single, “Bust Down Cartier” came out in March of 2019.


The song’s performers, Mosey and BlocBoy were the brains behind the song’s composition.

A highly rated record producer, DJ and songwriter from Seattle, Royce David was responsible for its production.

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