“Stuck in a Dream” by Lil Mosey (ft. Gunna)

Mainstream rap is arguably the most monotonous genre subject-wise out of all forms of popular music. All of the top rappers of the day tend to more or less drop lyrics about the same subjects. So considering that Lil Mosey was only 17 when this track came out, he shouldn’t really be expected to say anything different from what others are spittin’. 

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And accordingly, his verse is filled primarily with allusions to being wealthy, with some traditional hip-hop sex braggadocio and gun talk thrown in to boot.


And as implied, Gunna proceeds to fundamentally recite about the same topics, though let’s say with more of an emphasis on sex. But being the more experienced of the two and perhaps a better lyricist naturally, he is able to do so with a higher degree of artistry than Mosey.

Song’s Title (“Stuck in a Dream”)

Meanwhile the title is also meant to be an allusion primarily to Lil Mosey’s wealth or more specifically his success overall. In other words, when he refers to being “stuck in a dream”, that’s akin to him saying that the progressive ascension of his music career is like being in a fantasy, i.e. living out his dream of being a successful rapper in real life.  

And indeed when you’re just 17 years old and able to get a collaboration with someone like Gunna, that can in fact be considered as making it in the music field.

More about “Stuck in a Dream”

“Stuck in a Dream” was released as the second single from Mosey’s “Certified Hitmaker” album. The song was released on September 17 of 2019.

It peaked at No. 62 in the US, No. 6 in Sweden and 83 in the UK. This made it the rapper’s best performing single prior to the release of his 2020 hit song, “Blueberry Faygo”.

The album was released on November 8 of 2019 as the rapper’s 2nd studio album. It was came out through the following record labels:

  • Mogul Vision Music
  • Interscope Records

The album peaked at No. 8 in Canada, No. 12 in the US and No. 67 in the United Kingdom.

Aside from “Stuck in a Dream”, the following songs were also released as singles prior to the release of the album:

  • “G Walk” (June 7 of 2019)
  • “Stuck in a Dream” (September 17of 2019)
  • “Live This Wild” (November 5 of 2019)
  • “Blueberry Faygo” (February 7 of 2020)
  • “Back at It” (June 26 of 2020)
  • “Top Gone” (August 5 of 2020)


“Stuck in a Dream” was composed by Mosey himself with support from Gunna and Royce David. Royce is a highly acclaimed songwriter, music producer and DJ from Seattle, Washington. He has been behind the production of multiple hit songs including “Stuck in a Dream”.

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