“Only the Team” by Lil Mosey, Rvssian & Lil Tjay

The title of this song(“Only the Team”), as used in the chorus, is meant to point to the notion of the vocalists being so hard that despite being paid or celebrities or whatever, they’re able to go about their business with “no security, only the team”. 

In other words, Lil Mosey and Lil Tjay don’t need no bodyguards, as the n**gas they roll with are thoro enough to hold them down. Or more to the point based on the lyrical content of the verses, these are the types of rappers who count a murderer or two or three amongst their homeys. 

So if crossed the wrong way, said homeys, prompted by the vocalists, don’t have any qualms about resorting to the gat. Or as Lil Tjay puts it, if he gets into beef, he “ain’t’ throwing no hands”, i.e. fist fighting. Instead, in his own words he’s “uppin’ the pole”, with pole being a hip-hop colloquialism for a gat.

Outside of that, the secondary theme of this song can be deemed as the vocalists’ possessing an affinity for sex. Tjay doesn’t really harp on that topic, but Lil Mosey gets graphic once or twice, depicting himself as such a don that he even sleeps with his girlfriends’ friends. 

And there’s also the reference to drugs, most notably Hennessey and lean or – “purple Sprite” as the latter is referred to in the chorus – which is a codeine-based liquid intoxicant popular amongst rappers of the day. And overall, this is the type of gangsta rap song that one would expect from the likes of these artists.

Release Date of “Only the Team”

The song was released as a single on March 27 of 2020. released in 2021.


The song was written by its performers, Rvssian, Mosey and Tjay with support from Dolph and Pyroman.

It was produced by Rvssian and Pyroman.

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