“You” by Collective Soul

“You” appears to be a rather poetic post-breakup song where the addresser realizes his ex-partner was ‘the one’. It also brings about the feeling that he’s trying to get them back with sentiments such as saying, “it’s always been you”.

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In fact, he realizes that there’s never been a day without them – be it a good or bad day. He also thinks about the “stories” and “promises” that he won’t be able to make now that they’re gone.

Could there be an alternate meaning to this track?

Possibly. Besides it possibly being a post-breakup song, it could also be about the addresser being in a fruitful current relationship and realizing that his partner is worth every compromise and promise the relationship entails.

Lyrics to Collective Soul's "You"

Facts about “You”

 “You” is officially credited as written by members of the group:

  • Dean Roland
  • Will Turpin
  • Ed Roland

The other co-writer, Joel Kosche, was once a guitarist of the band.

This is the fourth song on the track listing of the group’s self-named eighth studio album, which is also entitled “Rabbit”. It was released through Roadrunner Records on 25th August 2009.

The above-named project, which was entirely produced by Ed Roland, was accompanied by three singles. “You” is its third single. “Staring Down” and “Welcome All Again” are the project’s other singles. They were both released in 2009 in the months of June and July, respectively.

When was “You” released?

 Collective Soul put this out officially on the 17th of January 2010.

Did this song chart?

No, it didn’t. Despite its album being critically successful, unfortunately none of the album’s singles charted. However, the album itself appeared on the United States’ Billboard 200 record chart. Here, it debuted at the 24th position. The project was also quite popular in Canada. In this country, it managed to reach a peak position of 9 on the country’s official albums chart.


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