“Moonlight” by Ali Gatie

Generally speaking, in Ali Gatie’s “Moonlight”, the moon is intended to be symbolic of the singer’s feeling for the woman he loves, who is also the addressee. That is his poetic way of saying that just as the moon never fails to show up nightly, so too does he wish that she were around. Indeed as revealed at the onset of the second verse, she has “left” Ali. So basically the lyrics of this song are dedicated to expressing two sentiments. One is that he does in fact, as alluded to earlier, miss her. And second is that he is convinced that no one loves her like he does.

But the fact that she is gone is also making him question the validity of the relationship in the first place. He is basically now wondering if their love was actually “real”, or did he just gas himself up into believing that this lady was indeed the one. But that being said, it is pretty clear that he is heartbroken and wishing that she comes back into his life.

Lyrics of "Moonlight"

Facts about “Moonlight”

“Moonlight” was written by the mutli-faceted Ali Gatie in just 15 minutes.  And it was produced by his regular collaborator, Adriano.

The release date of this song was 3 August 2018. Within less than 10 months of its release, it had cumulatively racked up roughly 20 million views and streams between its YouTube lyric video and being featured on Spotify.

The labels behind the track are Warner Records and Li$n. And it is featured on Ali Gatie’s first album, “You” (2019).

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