“Quite Miss Home” by James Arthur

James Arthur’s “Quite Miss Home” is addressed to someone whom the singer used to live with. And if the addressee is the same in the first verse as the second, then this is someone he used to work with also. 

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The overall implication is that such was a romantic partner, although the way the song reads he could also perhaps be referring to a (most likely female) family member. And in the present day, James is residing in “another city” due to business opportunities. And in the midst of such he is reminiscing on his past with this individual, as in suffering due to being devoid of her company. 

Indeed it’s obvious that they were/are quite close. And the place they cohabited is where Arthur considers to be his true “home”, not his current residence. By virtue of this, his “quite miss(ing) home” is directly due to longing to be with this individual. 

So succinctly put, the singer is homesick. And according to the song, the main cause of this malady is his separation from someone he is very close to, indeed even loves.

Lyrics of "Quite Miss Home"

Quick Facts about “Quite Miss Home”

The production responsibilities for “Quite Miss Home” were handled by Busbee alongside Ryan Daly.

They both contributed to the co-writing also along with B. McLaughlin, M. Pollack and J. Arthur.

Being released on 18 October 2019, this is actually the sixth single from James Arthur’s album “You”. Other singles from “You” include:

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