“Yours” by Conan Gray 

Friendzoned Conan has had enough being just a friend to his love interest. He’s taken steps to show them that he wants to be more than that, but unfortunately for him, it isn’t going how he had planned.

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When they need him, he’s always there yet romantic feelings do not seem to bloom on their part. Despite all this, Conan is unable to leave them as he still holds on to the slim possibility of any romance happening, unless they tell him to go. And in the end, he calls it “dumb love” after wasting his time and energy to evolve the relationship only for nothing good to happen.

Lyrics to Conan Gray's "Yours"

Release of “Yours”

The track was released on the 19th of May, 2022. The release came about a month after Conan dropped the song “Memories”. Both songs are part of Gray’s second album, “Superache” which is a product of Republic Records.

Prior to the song’s release, Gray posted video teasers on both his Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Release of Conan Gray's "Yours"

Did Conan Gray write this song?

Yes. Gray, however, shares songwriting credits with American songwriter and record producer, Dan Nigro. Aside from his collaborations with Gray, Nigro is also known for his collaborations with the likes of Olivia Rodrigo, Freya Ridings and Caroline Polachek.


The Link Between Flowers and Conan?

In a 2017 tweet, Conan posted that he buys flowers whenever he’s sad. The music video of “Yours” is shot in a field of flowers. So considering that the track is a sob song, it is safe to say that the sad lyrics of this song are autobiographical.

Conan Gray and flowers

In addition, Conan seems to have a strong connection with a particular flower and that is, the rose. We’ve seen it on his music videos and in his lyrics. He even passes stalks of roses to his fans (with coffee too)! So why a rose?

Roses are known to symbolize beauty, courage and love. They are also an interesting mixture of thorns and beauty, which we feel shows that nothing good comes without pain. So with that, we can assume Conan uses the rose as a metaphor to his love life.  

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