“Yours” by JIN

To note, even though there are some lines rendered in English here and there, the lyrics of “Yours” are for the most part in Korean. And as fully translated into English, they seem to be a bit incoherent – for lack of a better word. Or let’s rather say that this song is heavily poetic, to the point where nothing, besides the vocalist stating that he’s “waiting” for the addressee, is expressed directly. But that said, the overall poem itself is relatively easy to understand.

The addressee would most logically be a romantic interest of the vocalist. Again, the specific nature of their relationship is never directly expounded upon, besides the fact that the two of them are obviously separated at the moment. But all lyrics considered that would be the logical conclusion, that the singer is addressing his significant other.

Further supporting this theory is the title, which is, to note, never mentioned in the lyrics. But putting forth that you’re somebody else’s “yours” is a sentiment that is usually expressed within the context of a committed romance. Or, in any event, the addressee would be someone whom the vocalist loves very deeply, to the point that Jin is having trouble concentrating in this individual’s seemingly prolonged absence.

Thesis Sentiment of “Yours”

This brings us to the thesis sentiment of this piece, which revolves around feelings of heartbreak and longing. Or more specifically, going back to the poetic nature of the lyrics, it can be gleaned that the vocalist is searching for the addressee, i.e. his lost love, in an attempt to reunite with her. But for whatever reason, it’s as if he simply cannot be where she’s at and/or vice versa. And considering that this is the theme song to a certain television series, perhaps such a concept has something to do with the plot of said program.

Lyrics to JIN's "Yours"

When was “Yours” released?

The issuance of this track dates back to 7 November 2021. It served as the theme song to a South Korean series known as Jirisan, which has been dubbed “the biggest budget K-drama in history”.  As such it can actually be found on the Jirisan Original Soundtrack, a project that was put out by labels AStory Entertainment and Dreamus.

Song’s Success

“Yours”, which was written by Gaemi, the musical director behind Jirisian, alongside Jida, went on to become a historical success. For instance, it set a record in terms of staying within the top 10 of Billboard’s Hot Trending Songs list stateside longer than any other Korean track. 

It is also the first song rendered in Korean to top the Spotify Viral 50 Japan list and overall was a major hit in the Land of the Rising Sun. 

Also to note, this tune holds the distinction, as of July 2022, of being “the most-shazamed K-pop song in history”. But of course Jin, as a member of BTS, is no stranger to setting such records anyway.

That said, to the chagrin of many, this song was removed from Spotify, at least for a time, circa May 2022.



“Yours” is the main theme song for Korean mystery thriller drama series ‘Jirisan’. It was the most anticipated drama series of 2021. This K-drama stars names such as:

  • Jun Ji-hyun (playing the character Seo Yi-Kang)
  • Ju Ji-hoon (playing the character Kang Hyun-jo)

The series uses Mount Jiri as its backdrop, telling the stories of rangers and other staff of the Jirisan National Park. They climb the mountain as they try to rescue survivors and lost trekkers.

FYI: This mountain is notorious for being a place where a lot of murders and suicides have been committed over the years.

And yes, if you were wondering, Mt Jiri is very real. It is South Korea’s second tallest mountain.

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